How much do school board members get paid in Louisiana?

How much do school board members get paid in Louisiana?

How much does a Board Member make in Louisiana? The average Board Member salary in Louisiana is $68,912 as of January 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $53,120 and $85,111.

Who is the superintendent of schools in Louisiana?

Cade Brumley
Cade Brumley was appointed the Louisiana State Superintendent of Education in June 2020. Dr.

How are superintendents chosen in Ohio?

The Ohio Board of Education appoints the superintendent, who serves at the pleasure of the board.

Who is in charge of the Louisiana Department of Education?

Louisiana Department of Education
Agency Profile
Superintendent: Cade Brumley
Website: Department Home Page

Do school board members get paid in Ohio?

Under the statute, board members may be compensated for their service up to $125 per meeting (Ohio Revised Code Section (RC) 3313.12, 3311.19). Boards are not required to pay the statutory maximum but may choose to compensate at any rate up to the statutory maximum.

Who is the superintendent of Columbus City Schools?

. Talisa Dixon
Dr. Talisa Dixon is in her third year as the Superintendent and Chief Executive Officer of Columbus City Schools. She began her tenure in March 2019 after five years leading the Cleveland Heights-University Heights City School District in Northeast Ohio. Dr.

How many schools are in Columbus City Schools?

112 schools
Welcome. Columbus City Schools, established in 1845, is the state of Ohio’s largest school district, serving the needs of 50,000 students in 112 schools. The district, which employs more than 9,000 teachers and staff, is under the leadership of its 21st superintendent, Dr.

How many superintendents are there in the US?

School Superintendent Statistics and Facts in the US There are over 7,194 School Superintendents currently employed in the United States.