How much do Easter Eggers cost?

How much do Easter Eggers cost?

Hillside Hatchery

Straight Run
Qty Price
50-74 $2.75
75-99 $2.50
100+ $2.25

How do you get Easter Eggers?

The Easter Egger chicken is not truly a chicken breed but is instead a cross between different chicken breeds. This cross is usually between Araucana and Ameraucana birds, but truthfully, Easter Eggers are rather mixed and can be produced when other birds are crossed with either the Ameraucana or Araucana.

Are Easter Eggers good chickens?

Easter Eggers vary widely in color and conformation and are exceptionally friendly and hardy. Since they are usually quite friendly to children and humans in general, they are a great choice for a family flock.

Do Easter Eggers make good pets?

Large, friendly, quiet, loyal, and docile, Buffs make excellent pet chickens. Easter Eggers – These are not technically a breed, but are a type of chicken that has the blue egg laying gene. They don’t conform to any prescribed breed standards, so they can come in a huge variety of colors and feather patterns.

What is another name for Easter Eggers?

The terms “Americana” and “Americauna” are a marketing tactics for selling hybrids known as Easter Eggers with spelling deceptively similar to the Ameraucana breed name. EEs are not an APA recognized breed, they are a mix of different breeds with one parent carrying a blue egg-laying gene.

Are Easter Eggers docile?

Easter Eggers are a very friendly bird even with children. They are described as sweet, docile, quiet, curious and calm by their owners. They are winter hardy to most climates and also tolerate heat very well.

Are Easter eggers good layers?

Easter Eggers are good egg layers as they lay around 3-4 eggs per week. Compared to other standard true breeds, the price of Easter Egger chicks is very less so you can reduce your initial investment in chicken farming.

Do Easter eggers lay later?

When do Easter Eggers start laying? At the age of 20 to 25 weeks, Easter Eggers start laying and this process will finish after 5 or 6 months. Though these eggs are not as colorful as the ones you saw on the internet, they still make people curious about where they come from and some of their interesting features.

What is the temperament of Easter eggers?

With their black outlined eyes and gentle temperaments, they make an interesting and beneficial addition to any flock. The Easter Egger chicken temperament is exceptionally friendly and hardy – they love getting treats, and are easily trained to sit in your lap.

What color are your Easter egger’s eggs?

They lay beautiful large eggs in a variety of colors,including green and blue.

  • Easter Eggers are not known to go broody.
  • She is a friendly and sweet hen that is great around children.
  • These chickens are able to tolerate the cold well due to their pea comb.
  • You can find them in most hatcheries.