How much are Chihuly tickets?

How much are Chihuly tickets?

USD18 – USD29 ⋅ chihulygardenandglass.comChihuly Garden and Glass / Tickets

How long does it take to go through the Chihuly Museum?

between 2-3 hours
Expect to spend between 2-3 hours to visit both sites at a comfortable pace. If you plan on eating at Collections Café or the Art Plaza, or shopping at The Bookstore, additional time may be needed.

Where does Dale Chihuly work?

Chihuly Garden and Glass, a long-term exhibition of my work located near the base of the Space Needle in Seattle, is open to the public.

How much are tickets to the Desert Botanical Garden?

USD12.95 – USD24.95 ⋅ dbg.orgDesert Botanical Garden / Tickets

How long does it take to see Seattle Aquarium?

How long does it take to see the entire Aquarium? It’s possible to enjoy all our exhibits in about 90 minutes to two hours.

Is the Chihuly exhibit in St Petersburg worth a visit?

We visited the Chihuly exhibit in Seattle and were excited to visit again in St Petersburg, FL. Smaller exhibit but just as amazing! Incredible artistry! Vibrant colors in uniques shapes all beautifully displayed. Also visited the glass blowing demonstration which was very informative. Great afternoon!

How do I get into the Chihuly Collection in Tampa?

A special combination ticket called the St. Petersburg Arts Experience allows admission to both the Chihuly Collection and the Morean Glass Studio and Hot Shop glass blowing demonstration (across the street from the Chihuly Collection). You can also save on admission with the CityPASS Tampa Bay.

Should I go to the Chihuly Museum in Seattle or St Pete?

We’ve been to both Chihuly exhibits. The Seattle Gardens and Museum are much larger than the St. Petersburg, but cost approximately $30 for Seattle vs. $20 for St. Pete. The single reason to visit St. Pete’s museum (in my opinion) is the film that looks into his works in Israel and elsewhere.

Where can I see Chihuly in Florida?

The Chihuly collection in St Pete is on the smaller side but is a must see. It is across the street from the Morean Arts Center that is free. Also your entrance fee includes an amazing blowing demonstration in the glass studio behind the Center. One of a kind pieces can be purchased for reasonable prices.