How many parts are there in the tagout log?

How many parts are there in the tagout log?

The five components are: Lockout–Tagout Procedures (documentation) Lockout–Tagout Training (for authorized employees and affected employees) Lockout–Tagout Policy (often referred to as a program)

Who is responsible for ensuring the adequacy and accuracy of all tag outs?

When a line item is filled out on the TORS, the Petty Officer in-Charge block is signed. The signer, normally the Ship’s force POIC of the work, shall ensure the adequacy and accuracy of the line item.

What does RIN stand for Navy 3M?

What does RIN stand for? Record Identification Number.

What does spin 3M mean?

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Who fills out the record sheet and prepares the tags? Ship’s force petty officer in charge (POIC) of the operation/work item.
What is NAVSEAINST 4790.8C? Ship’s 3M manual
What does the acronym SPIN stand for? Standard PMS Item Name

What is status I IEM?

What best describes Inactive Equipment Maintenance (IEM)Status I? Equipment that will remain on board and will be inactive for seven days or longer and is not scheduled for corrective maintenance or overhaul.

What is LOTO system?

Lockout/tagout (LOTO) is a set of procedures that are used to ensure that equipment is shut down, inoperable, and (where relevant) de-energized. This allows maintenance and repair work on the system to be performed safely.

How do you release stored energy?

A coiled or compressed spring will release stored energy in the form of fast movement when the spring expands. pressurized by an outside source. When under pressure, the fluid can be used to move heavy objects, machinery, or equipment. Examples: grain truck beds, power presses, vehicle braking systems.

What is status II IEM?

What is Status II IEM? Equipment scheduled for overhaul for 7 days or greater.

What are the three categories of periodicities?

There are three categories of periodicities. These are Calendar, Non-calendar and Inactive Equipment Maintenance (IEM).

What does TGL stand for?


Acronym Definition
TGL The Galilean Library (website)
TGL Touch-and-Go Landings
TGL The Good Limbo (mental health blog)
TGL Temporary Guidance Leaflets

What does the acronym NMR mean?

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Definition: Not My Responsibility
Type: Abbreviation
Guessability: 2: Quite easy to guess
Typical Users: Adults and Teenagers