How many missions does Saints Row: The Third have?

How many missions does Saints Row: The Third have?

The Statistics and the Save/Load Menus state that there are 47 missions in Saints Row: The Third.

How long is Saints Row: The Third?

When focusing on the main objectives, Saints Row: The Third is about 15 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 44 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How big is Saints Row: The Third map?

2.66 mile
You can use the chart icon (top left corner of the table) to see the visual comparison….Video Game Maps.

Game Saints Row The Third
Width 2.66 mile (4.284 km)
Height 2.14 mile (3.457 km)
Release date 2011

What do you get for killing Killbane?

Kill all opponents there: both Luchadores and STAG….Choice.

Choice Reward
Head To The Airport Eliminate Killbane but Shaundi, Viola DeWynter, and Burt Reynolds will die Unlocks final mission “STAG Film”

How do you beat Saints Row the third?

When Good Heists Go Bad

  • I’m Free – Free Falling
  • We’re Going To Need Guns
  • Steelport Here I Am
  • Party Time
  • Guardian Angel (Pierce)
  • Trafficking (Mission)
  • Takeover the City
  • Tank Mayhem (Mission)
  • Professor Genki’s S.E.R.C.
  • What are the cheats for Saints Row the third?

    notrated – Everyone killed explodes into a bloody mess

  • fryhole – Dead bodies float into the air
  • brains – Zombie pedestrians
  • dui – Drunk pedestrians
  • mascot – Mascot pedestrians
  • hohoho – ‘Pimp and ho’ pedestrians
  • clearskies – Sunny weather
  • overcast – Cloudy weather
  • lightrain – Rainy weather
  • heavyrain – Heavy rainy weather
  • How to get secret homies in Saints Row the third?

    givesheperd – Get 45 Shepherd

  • giveapoca – Get Apocafists
  • givear55 – Get AR 55
  • giveultimax – Get AS3 Ultimax
  • givebaseball – Get baseball bat
  • givechainsaw – Get chainsaw
  • givecyber – Get Cyber Buster
  • givecybersmg – Get Cyber Blaster
  • giveblossom – Get D4TH Blossom
  • giveelectric – Get electric grenade
  • How to get Saints Row the third for free?


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