How many kg is a dyne?

How many kg is a dyne?

Dyne to Kilogram-force Conversion Table

Dyne [dyn] Kilogram-force [kgf]
1 dyn 1.0197162129779E-6 kgf
2 dyn 2.0394324259559E-6 kgf
3 dyn 3.0591486389338E-6 kgf
5 dyn 5.0985810648897E-6 kgf

How many kg are in a HP?

1 Horsepower [HP] = 75 Kilogram-force meter [kgf·m] – Measurement calculator that can be used to convert Horsepower to Kilogram-force meter, among others.

How much is a KN in KG?

1 kilonewton is equal to 101.9716005 kilograms, which is the conversion factor from kilonewtons to kilograms.

How many Meg are in a kg?

Kilobytes vs Megabytes

Kilobytes (KB) Megabytes (MB)
1,000 bytes 1,000,000 bytes
210 bytes (base 2) 220 bytes (base 2)
1,024 bytes 1,048,576 bytes
1,000 × 8 bits 1,000,000 × 8 bits

How many kg is a drum?

The fiber drums referred to above will easily hold 180–270 kilograms (400–600 lb), and are usually coated internally with a urethane or plastic protective coating.

What is 1g in KG?

0.001 kg
Gram to Kilogram Conversion Table

Gram [g] Kilogram [kg]
1 g 0.001 kg
2 g 0.002 kg
3 g 0.003 kg
5 g 0.005 kg

How do you convert weight in stones to kilograms?

How to Convert Stones to Kilograms. To convert a stone measurement to a kilogram measurement, multiply the weight by the conversion ratio. The weight in kilograms is equal to the stones multiplied by 6.350293.

How many dynes is 1 kg?

980665 dyn
Kilogram-force to Dyne Conversion Table

Kilogram-force [kgf] Dyne [dyn]
1 kgf 980665 dyn
2 kgf 1961330 dyn
3 kgf 2941995 dyn
5 kgf 4903325 dyn

How do you convert kg weight to dyne?

1 kilogram is equal to 980665.00286388 dyne.

How do you convert HP to force?

James Watt determined that one horse could exert 330 pounds of force in moving a load 100 feet in one minute. also be expressed as 1 hp = 33,000 foot-pounds/ minute or 1 hp = 550 foot-pounds/second. $ Refer to the example of one person exerting 40 pounds of force to pull an object 2 feet in 2 minutes.

How do you convert kg to HP?

The formula used to convert kg to Horsepower (metric) Hour is 1 Kilogram = 33943526937.0659 Horsepower (metric) Hour.