How many floors does Westin Bellevue have?

How many floors does Westin Bellevue have?

19 floors
The 337-room Westin Bellevue is an upscale contemporary hotel spread over 19 floors located in the heart of Bellevue, next to high-end shopping and dining.

What does SW M mean in hotels?

Family Suite, 1 Bedroom (SW-M)

How tall is the tallest building in Bellevue?

450 feet
Bellevue’s current tallest buildings include the Bellevue Towers and Lincoln Square at 42 stories, or 450 feet.

How tall is the tallest building in Bellevue Washington?


Rank Name Height
1 Bellevue 600 182.9 m / 600 ft
2 555 108th Avenue NE 182.9 m / 600 ft
3 400 Lincoln Square 139.4 m / 457 ft
4 500 Lincoln Square 139 m / 456 ft

What does VR mean in hotel?

Virtual Reality
‘Virtual Reality’ or VR is currently one of the most progressive tech sectors and it’s something hotel’s should be using to attract more guests and secure direct bookings.

What is OOO in hotel?

Out of Order (OOO) is typically used when a room is being renovated, undergoing repairs, or cannot be used. You cannot set an Occupied room to Out of Order or Out of Service status. You will receive an error stating that the room is blocked or cannot be updated.

How many skyscrapers are in Bellevue?

The city of Bellevue, Washington, part of the Seattle metropolitan area, has at least 41 high-rise buildings, 23 of which stand 250 feet (76 m) or taller in height.

Is Amazon building a tower?

Designed by NBBJ, Amazon’s new Bellevue 600 site will accommodate space for more than 7,000 employees in two office towers. Download hi-res. The second tower of the project will include 31 stories of mixed-use office space, meeting rooms, and informal gathering areas.

What is VD housekeeping?

➡️ Vacated Dirty (VD) A VD room has been taken out of inventory for some reason or a guest checked out, not serviced by housekeeping yet. VD codes take top priority in housekeeping as they must be readied for resale. ➡️ Vacant Clean (VC) Cleaned room, not yet inspected.