How many East German Makarovs were made?

How many East German Makarovs were made?

Makarov pistol
Produced 1949–present
No. built 5,000,000
Variants See Variants

Is a Makarov good for concealed carry?

The double-action trigger is no picnic, but Makarov pistols are known for being rugged, reliable, accurate enough for government work and easy to pack in the bargain. It does make a good CCW gun. It’s actually one of the most popular Soviet surplus guns for concealed carry for these reasons, so it’s not a bad pick.

What is a 9×18 caliber?

The 9×18mm Makarov (designated 9mm Makarov by the C.I.P. and often called 9×18mm PM) is a Soviet pistol and submachine gun cartridge.

Can you shoot a 9×18 in a 9×19?

The 9×19 Luger is a . 355 caliber bullet. Shooting a larger bullet through a smaller barrel will cause explosive damage to the handgun, and may cause nasty wounds for the shooter. So again, DO NOT shoot 9×18 Makarov shells through your 9×19 pistol.

What is an East German Makarov pistol?

The East German Makarov, also known as the Pistol M, or PM, is a fascinating relic of the Cold War era. While the Makarov pistol was originally designed and manufactured in the Soviet Union, it was also produced by other communist countries including China, Bulgaria and, most relevant here, East Germany.

When did the Makarov PM come out in Germany?

The PM was the Soviet service pistol from the time it was adopted in 1951 until about 1991. East German production of the Makarov pistol began in the late 1950s and continued until 1965—a relatively brief production run. Samples made in 1958-1959 are the most difficult for collectors to find.

What is a 9mm Makarov round?

The PM is chambered for the 9×18 mm Makarov cartridge designed by Boris Semin. The round is also known as the 9 mm Russian Makarov or 9 mm Makarov. The bullet diameter of the Makarov round is greater than that of most 9 mm cartridges; 0.363″ compared to 0.355″/0.356″ for the 9×19 mm (Luger) and 9×17 mm (.380 ACP) rounds.

What is a K100 Makarov?

The East German Makarov is a double-action/single-action semi-automatic pistol of blowback design that has a magazine capacity of eight rounds. All have a rich blue/black finish on the frame, slide and many of the small parts. The “K100” mark is found on all East German Makarovs and is an inspection acceptance mark.