How many destinations does Wizz Air have?

How many destinations does Wizz Air have?

Our WIZZ Travellers With over 600 routes across Europe and beyond, we welcome travellers from all walks of life with the desire to travel through the sky their way.

Which countries do Wizz Air fly to?

Top destinations

  • Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirates. more info.
  • Barcelona – Spain. more info.
  • Bucharest – Romania. more info.
  • Budapest – Hungary. more info.
  • Debrecen – Hungary. more info.
  • Dubai – United Arab Emirates. more info.
  • Larnaca – Cyprus. more info.
  • London – United Kingdom. more info.

How many bases Wizz Air has?

Today Wizz Air offers over 500 routes from 27 bases in the region: Gdansk, Lublin, Poznan, Katowice, Warsaw and Wroclaw in Poland; Budapest and Debrecen in Hungary; Sofia and Varna in Bulgaria; Chisinau in Moldova; Bucharest,…

What is the longest Wizz Air flight?

This team made history by performing the longest flight in Wizz Air’s history last week. The aircraft was flying medical equipment from Irkutsk in Russia to our Budapest base and took 08 hours and 16 minutes (6341 km) without stopping over.

Where do Wizz Air fly from in UK?

Wizz Air flies to ten UK airports including Glasgow-Prestwick, London Luton, London Stansted, and Bournemouth. It continues to grow its current fleet of 19 Airbus A320s. Not only is Wizz Air continually expanding its fleet, it is also placing emphasis on expanding routes where they are needed most.

Is Wizz Air owned by Etihad?

The airline is a joint venture with state-owned ADQ (formerly, Abu Dhabi Developmental Holding Company, ADDH), which owns 51 percent with Wizz Air Holdings owning the remaining 49 percent….Wizz Air Abu Dhabi.

Founded 12 December 2019
Hubs Abu Dhabi International Airport
Fleet size 4
Destinations 25

Where are Wizz Air’s new airports?

In February 2016, Wizz Air announced a new base at David the Builder Kutaisi International Airport (serving Kutaisi in Georgia). In October 2016 Wizz Air announced a new base at Chișinău International Airport (serving Chișinău) in Moldova. In December 2016, Wizz Air announced a new base in Varna, Bulgaria.

Who is the owner of Wizz Air Abu Dhabi?

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi was founded on 12 December 2019 as Wizz Air’s UAE subsidiary. The airline is a joint venture with state-owned Abu Dhabi Development Holding, ADDH, which owns 51 per cent. Flights are operated from Abu Dhabi International Airport to destinations in Europe, Asia and Africa.

Where does Wizz Air Bulgaria fly?

Wizz Air Bulgaria operated flights from Sofia to Barcelona, Valencia, Milan, Brussels and increased the number of flights to London/Luton, Rome/Fiumicino/Ciampino and Dortmund by commissioning a third Airbus A320 to serve the new routes. Wizz Air Bulgaria served the following destinations:

When did Wizz Air start flying from Debrecen International Airport?

In February 2012, Wizz Air announced that it would start flights from Debrecen International Airport to London, beginning 18 June 2012. On 11 September 2012, Wizz Air announced new routes to and from Tel Aviv, Israel.