How many deer have been shot in Wisconsin 2021?

How many deer have been shot in Wisconsin 2021?

In 2021, Wisconsin hunters have registered 93,215 deer (52,523 on crossbow, 35,621 on archer and 5,071 on youth licenses) not reflected in the nine-day gun total, representing 35% of the deer kill to date.

How many deer were shot in Wisconsin this year?

Total harvest numbers are down 7.9 percent from 2020, according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. In 2020, hunters took 86,082 antlered deer during the hunt. That’s 1.3 percent more than in 2021. The state also saw a decrease in the antlerless harvest.

How many deer were hunted in Wisconsin?

In total, 85,860 deer were harvested by gun and registered statewide during the opening weekend of the 2021 nine-day gun deer hunt, compared to the 99,832 registered for the same period in 2020. A total of 47,529 bucks were registered on opening weekend, compared to 51,241 in 2020.

How many deer tags were sold in Wisconsin?

Deer registrations during the early bow seasons this year were running 5.5% ahead of the five-year average, according to preliminary DNR data. As of midnight Sunday the agency sold 551,809 licenses for gun deer hunting privileges. The year-to-date sales for all deer licenses is down 1.5% from the same time last year.

How many bucks can you harvest in Wisconsin?

Hunters will receive one bow buck deer harvest authorization valid in any unit statewide and valid for use with either archery or crossbow equipment depending on the license purchased. In addition, they may receive one or more Farmland (Zone 2) antlerless deer harvest authorization(s), based on the DMU they hunt.

How many elk are in Wisconsin?

Combining resident Wisconsin elk and those added from Kentucky, the total herd population of about 280 elk at its peak in 2019. Since then State and Tribal hunters have harvested 10 bulls and some elk have been lost to various causes.

How many deer are in a square mile in Wisconsin?

7 deer
7 deer per square mile.

Where is the best deer hunting in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin’s archery and crossbow deer hunt seasons in September and October yielded the most harvests in the Central Farmland zone with Waupaca, Marathon and Shawano counties being the standout areas.

When does deer hunting start in Wi?

Wisconsin held the 2016 regular 9-day firearm deer season during 19-27 November. Rifles were allowed in most of the state, but local governments could restrict their discharge in their jurisdictions. De hunting license cost?

When does deer season open in Wisconsin?

Wisconsin Hunting Season Dates 2021-2022. Seasons are listed separately based on the weapon used , the animal being pursued and most often the county that will be holding these hunts in. That is why there are some that are listed below! Overall Deer starts with archery & crossbow Sept 18-Jan 9,2022 , Next is Elk from Oct 16- Nov 14 and Dec 9-17.

When does Wisconsin gun deer season open?

Full Beaver Moon with a partial lunar eclipse possible Thursday night

When is opening day for deer season?

With the fear of scaring off the deer now not much of a worry for property owners, it can be better odds of obtaining permission to access their property this winter. The short snowshoe hare season opened Monday and will run until New Year’s Day.