How many Costa Drive thrus in UK?

How many Costa Drive thrus in UK?

There are over 80 drive thru costa locations in the UK currently, and more on the way.

Is Costa Coffee Open in Scotland?

In line with Government guidelines those stores re-opening in England will be open for takeaway, Drive-Thru, Click & Collect and delivery. Those that have re-opened in Scotland are open for takeaway, Drive-Thru, Click & Collect and delivery. All eat-in and outdoor seating areas across all stores remain closed.

How do I order a drive through in Costa?

Simply order ahead and pick up in our Costa Drive-thru.

  1. Download the Coffee Club app, and register for an account if you don’t have one.
  2. Enter your details, then click on Mobile Ordering.
  3. Select a store to order from, and the app will list the branches closest to you that are taking part in the trial.

How many Costas are there in the UK 2021?

2,681 outlets
As of February 2021, Costa Coffee ranked highest among the leading coffee shop chains in the United Kingdom (UK) with 2,681 outlets.

How can I get a free coffee from Costa?

If you are eligible, the free drink voucher will automatically appear in the app’s rewards section of the Costa Club app. You’ll then be able to claim your free drink at your local Costa Coffee store or online using click and collect.

How do you order coffee at Costa Coffee?

How do I place a Click & Collect order?

  1. Download the Costa Coffee app. Search for Costa Coffee in the App or Play store from your mobile device and download to get started.
  2. Browse our menu and place an order.
  3. Select your store and collect from the counter.

Who is bigger Starbucks or Costa?

Although Starbucks is by far the biggest coffee shop worldwide with a mind-blowing 30,000+ shops in 78 countries, Costa Coffee is the biggest in the UK by some distance with over 2000 shops compared to Starbucks 1000 and Caffe Nero in 3rd place with around 650.

How much is a flat white Costa?


Coffee Price
Flat White £3.15
Flat Black £2.80
Cortado £2.80
Caramel Cortado £2.95

Do Costa let dogs in?

Absolutely! Assistance dogs are welcome in all our stores and petrol stations.

Where are the costa Drive Thru locations in the UK?

There are new Costa Coffee drive thru locations currently being planned or developed in Liverpool (Edge Lane, Wavertree), Norfolk (Necton, on the A47) Fife, Elgin. Weston-Super-Mare (Sedgemoor service station, M5) Gloucester, Cheltenham, Pool & Camborne in Cornwall.

Where can I find Costa Coffee in London?

Map — Store Locator | Costa Coffee. 1 MFG @ Ryton FS746. Esso Ryton Service Station, 725 London Road, Ryton, CV3 4EX. 2 Charing Cross. 3 Embankment. 4 Odeon Cinemas Ltd – Leicester Square 31680. 5 London, Leicester Square Stn.

Why do I like Costa Coffee?

I also like Costa from the perspective that masses of really good baristas in the UK started out at a Costa Coffee. So we’ve established that if you’re looking for a drive thru costa coffee, you’re someone who drinks decent coffee. But did you know this – you could save money, and time, with a home coffee machine?

Are third wave coffee shops better than Costa?

Third wave coffee shops will, in my humble opinion, provide far better coffees – but they don’t tend to have drive thru locations, and you won’t find one within arms reach of wherever you could be in the country, as you usually can with Costa.