How many children does Caroline Martin have?

How many children does Caroline Martin have?

five children
Previous married couples on the station include Tony Wadsworth and Julie Mayer (also with a nine-year age difference and now at BBC Leicester) and current stars Adam Bridge and Caroline Martin, who have five children.

Who is Caroline Martin?

Caroline Martin was born in 1978 in Windsor, Berkshire, England. She is an actress, known for …

Where is Paul Franks now?

Paul Franks is Nottinghamshire’s Assistant Head Coach. The former county stalwart made the step up to join Peter Moores’ first team coaching staff in late 2016, after four years in charge of the county’s second string.

Who played Edith Ashford in Foyles War?

Caroline Martin
“Foyle’s War” Bleak Midwinter (TV Episode 2007) – Caroline Martin as Edith Ashford – IMDb.

Why did Mark Regan leave radio?

‘ Regan, a long-serving football phone-in host, is back at his desk at the Mailbox after the lengthy lay-off, and has tweeted for the first time since May. The BBC has refused to confirm that Regan was suspended on full pay for up to nine weeks over allegations he sexually harassed women colleagues.

Who is Henry Liston?

My name is Henry Liston and I am a Freelance Radio Presenter currently working at BBC Radio WM. After winning the BBC Local Radio competition ‘New Voices’ in 2019, I’ve gone on to progress in the radio industry gaining experience across a wide variety of programs.

Where was Foyles War Bleak Midwinter filmed?

McMullen’s Brewery, Hertford, Herts, UK – Foyle’s War, Bleak Midwinter (2007) – Movie Locations on Quick Description: The disused McMullen’s Brewery in Hertford is used as a location in the episode of Foyle’s War called Bleak Midwinter.

Where is Mark Regan now?

Clifton Rugby Club
He is now Forwards Coach at Clifton Rugby Club playing a part in leading them to the South West One title and the EDF Cup Final at Twickenham.

What age is Honeysuckle Weeks?

42 years (August 1, 1979)Honeysuckle Weeks / Age

Who played Edith Milner?

Polly Maberly
Polly Maberly: Edith Milner.

Who are Adam and Caroline on BBC WM?

Adam is a former programme controller at BRMB who is now a leading producer behind the scenes at 95.6FM BBC WM. He can also often be heard on the station as a contributor or presenter, while Caroline has hosted the the daily lunchtime show from noon til 2pm since November 2012.

Who is Caroline Martin and why is she on Twitter?

Caroline Martin has used her twitter account to keep her own spirits up. On her account @cazzatalkmartin, she describes herself as: “Talks on the wireless bbcwm. Walks and photographs as the sun sets.

Why has Caroline Martin posted video of husband recovering from illness?

Now footage of him recovering has been posted online by his wife Caroline Martin in a bid to help people know what to do when illness strikes. She said: “Had this happened at home we just would not have known what to do.

Who is cazzatalkmartin and what is her job?

On her account @cazzatalkmartin, she describes herself as: “Talks on the wireless bbcwm. Walks and photographs as the sun sets. Most important job, being a mum/keeper of the peace and wife to abridge75.”