How many castes are there in Velama?

How many castes are there in Velama?

Velama is a caste found mainly in Andhra Pradesh. The earliest occurrence of “Velama” as a term for a community dates from the 17th century….Velama (caste)

Populated States Andhra Pradesh,Telangana

What is Velama caste in Andhra?

Velama is a caste found mainly in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The earliest occurrence of Velama as a term for a community dates from the 17th century.

Is Velama upper caste?

All the upper castes of Andhra like Kammas, Reddis , Velamas and Kapus belong to Kapus only. Kapu means a farmer. All these castes were agrarian castes. Even Reddy was not a caste.

What is meant by Velama?

Meaning of వెలమ velama. [Tel.] n. వెలమలు or వెలమవారు people of that caste. వెలమగోటు Cavalier treatment, swaggering haughtiness, lordliness, petulance, domineering insolence.

Is Kamma and Velama same?

No they are not subcastes. Velama and Kamma are NOT the same community either.

Where are Kammas?

Kamma is a Hindu caste from South India. The community of Kammas is believed to have originated from agriculturists of the Kammanadu region of the Guntur and Prakasam districts in Andhra Pradesh.

Why are the names of some of our velamaites similar?

Please note that some of the names might be similar to other castes or other sub sects because of the ancient formation of castes and their surnames in our andhra pradesh. However, I am adding the collected information from our other velamaites.

What is the meaning of the Telugu name Annam?

The surname is derived from the Telugu word అన్నం (annam) which means rice. This name is famous surname in telugu states of South India. From the given name Arjun. From the given name Ashok.

Who are the TDP MLAs in Telangana?

Dharmana Krishna Das – MLA ( Narasannapeta ),Srikakulam Dist. Chennamaneni Rajeshwer Rao – MLA ( Sircilla ), Deputy Leader TDP in AP assembly, Former CPI leader. late chennamaneni satyanarayana rao – THREE TIME MLA FROM METPALLY. Rachakonda Krishna Rao – Municipal Chairman ( Manchiryala ) and Treasurer of Municipal Chairman Association, AP.