How long will my cat be lethargic after vaccines?

How long will my cat be lethargic after vaccines?

Lethargy, a slight fever, and some mild discomfort are the most common side effects pets get from vaccines. This can be characterized by your pet not acting like their usual self. This is a normal reaction to vaccinations, and the symptoms should be mild and only last one or two days.

How long does it take for a cat to recover from vaccines?

24-48 hours
You may notice your cat has a temporary loss of appetite or is less lively a day or two after a vaccination, but this should resolve within 24-48 hours. Very few cats may be allergic to one or more components of the vaccine and have more serious side effects such as difficulty in breathing, vomiting or diarrhea.

Why is my cat so tired after vaccines?

It is not uncommon at all that kittens/cats are lethargic and lose their appetite after vaccinations. This type of reaction occurs to some degree almost every time a cat gets vaccinated. It usually goes away in 24 to 36 hours so by the time you’re reading this, she should be fine. If not, you should call your vet.

Do cats sleepy a lot after vaccinations?

Your kitten may be a little sleepy after their vaccine and you may notice a small lump at the site of the injection. This should resolve in 24-48 hours. Although adverse reactions to the vaccine are very rare, should your kitten become unwell after their vaccine, please let us know.

How can I make my cat feel better after shots?

How Do I Help My Pet Feel Better After Receiving A Vaccination?

  1. Provide your pet with a warm, cosy place to lie down and rest.
  2. Make sure that they have access to water and their favourite food, but don’t be alarmed if they are not very hungry.
  3. Avoid patting or playing with your pet as they may wish to be left alone.

Why is my cat so tired after the vet?

Cats get stressed when they are taken out of their normal habitat. I would say it is normal for you cat to be sleepy and relaxed after the vet visit. If your vet medicated your kitty that could cause it also. Make sure you report any adverse side effects, if any, to your vet.

Will my cats feel unwell after vaccinations?

It is normal for a cat to experience a few mild side effects after receiving her vaccines, such as local swelling or pain at the injection site. This is not an allergic reaction.

Is it normal for my cat to sleep all day after shots?

When should I worry about my cat lethargy?

When Should You Call a Vet About Lethargy in Your Cat? Call your veterinarian immediately if your cat is extremely lethargic or if their lethargy occurs in combination with other serious symptoms like difficulty breathing or severe vomiting or diarrhea.

Why is my cat suddenly so tired?

For cats, fevers are a common cause of lethargy and might be the result of an infection. Cats that are lethargic or sedated is frequently a sick cat. Older cats might be experiencing age-related body changes, and arthritis and/or joint disease will certainly slow down most cats.

Why is my cat so sleepy all of a sudden?

Low energy levels and sleeping all day is a common symptom of many serious medical conditions. However, your cat could also be sleeping more simply because they’ve been overfed, are too hot, or are recovering from a big play session! In any case, it’s always advisable to book an appointment with your vet.