How long is WhatsApp song status?

How long is WhatsApp song status?

For Status, you can share a video with a maximum duration of 30 seconds. At this time, it’s not possible to share longer videos to Status.

Is WhatsApp last seen time accurate?

Last Seen of WhatsApp status is 100% accurate. Because it is based on Real time (phone time) or network time. But sometimes, it happen that it shows you online, after you offline or close the whatsapp for this reason it shows you online always.

How can I add full song on WhatsApp status?

While the music is playing, go to the status option in your WhatsApp app. Now long press on the capture button to shoot a video while the music plays in the background. This will add the current music that is playing on your phone to your WhatsApp status video, which can be easily shared with your friends and family.

How can I hide my last seen status on WhatsApp but still see others last seen?

Tap on Account and then tap on Privacy in it. Now finally tap on Last seen to change it from Everyone (info will be visible to all) to My contacts (Will not be visible to people other than WhatsApp contacts) or Nobody (No one can see the info and neither can you see their Last Seen info).

Can you freeze your last seen time on WhatsApp?

Yes, you can freeze your timestamp on WhatsApp. You can freeze your timestamp by opening WhatsApp and navigating to Settings > Privacy > Last Seen > Nobody. After you’ve set your last seen to “Nobody”, your timestamp will be frozen to others.

Can you fake your last seen on WhatsApp?

This is how one can create a backup of their chats: Open WhatsApp> Go to settings> chat settings> backup conversation. The process might take a few seconds. STEP 2: GBWhatsApp+ Apk is a modified version of WhatsApp and it is required to replace the existing original WhatsApp version to freeze their last seen.

Can we put audio as WhatsApp status?

While you can easily add Images, texts, videos, and even GIFs as the WhatsApp Status message, there’s no way to add an audio file. Since WhatsApp Status does not recognize audio files separately, you can create a video file with the audio that you want using the VideoShow Video Editor app.

What does last seen mean on WhatsApp?

Last seen refers to the last time the contact used WhatsApp. Through our privacy settings, you have the option to control who can see your last seen. Please note you can’t hide your online. There are a few reasons why you might not be able to see a contact’s last seen:

How do I view the last seen chat on WhatsApp group?

Group chats don’t display “last seen” information. View the date and time. Once the conversation loads, “last seen (date) at (time)” will appear below the contact’s name at the top of the screen. This is the date and time the contact last accessed WhatsApp on their device.

Is it possible for’last seen’to not show on WhatsApp?

If the word “Online” appears below the contact’s name, they currently have WhatsApp open on their device. Is it possible for “last seen” to not show, even if one is not blocked? Yes. It just means that person limited the setting to either no one or contact only.

Can I see last seen activity on Whatsapp after adding a number?

Not so soon, you won’t be able to see the last seen activity as soon as you add a number. Once the person you have added comes online, the app immediately triggers the notifications. You can see all the activity inside the app when the person every time comes online, and when he/she has gone offline on WhatsApp.