How long is The Evil Within game?

How long is The Evil Within game?

36.5 Hours
9 The Evil Within – 36.5 Hours The Evil Within takes, on average, 36.5 hours to complete. Of the horror games contained on this list, The Evil Within is one of the most polished.

How scary is The Evil Within?

The Evil Within is a downright scary horror game, mostly due to its excellent creature design. The Evil Within, specifically the first game, is one of the best survival horror games in recent years. This game was brought to light by legendary Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami.

Do I need to play The Evil Within 1 before 2?

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of The Evil Within in order to jump into The Evil Within 2 and understand the conflict and setting, but if you want a little background info, we’ve got you covered. This FAQ is designed to catch you up on the story and get you ready for The Evil Within 2.

How many chapters does evil within have?

The Evil Within 2 story is broken up into seventeen chapters, with the average length of play-time for the game being between 15 and 20 hours.

Does The Evil Within have jump scares?

As a whole, it’s an underrated series with jump scares that are effective as you’re never quite able to get your bearings. If you’re able to keep going after the chainsaw chase, The Evil Within is a heart-pounding good time.

Is The Evil Within 2 open world?

The game takes place in a city set up in a subconscious realm called Union. This acts as an open world area that you traverse through, finding your way into interior sections.

Is the evil within based on a true story?

The true story behind the production of the film was a real-life bad dream that would keep anyone up at night. Director and producer Andrew Getty, heir to the Getty oil company, sunk an estimated 6 billion dollars into the production of his film.

How many chapters are in evil within ps4?

17 chapters
The Evil Within 2 is broken up into 17 chapters, and it also has two semi-open world environments that you can take your time to explore.

Does the evil within 2 have jump scares?

There are jump scares, of course, and they can feel cheap sometimes, but the overarching feeling is that this is a survival horror game that’s more interested in doing unusual things than adhering to the norm. It all goes back to this being a deliberately and joyously grim game.

Is ‘the evil within’ the new Resident Evil 4?

The Evil Within is aesthetically, functionally, and spiritually in step with director Shinji Mikami’s last foray into the genre, the iconic Resident Evil 4. It’s not simply a rehash of that game, though, as Mikami and his new development studio Tango Gameworks have delivered a harder, bleaker game this time around.

Is the evil within worth playing?

The Evil Within is a brutal, challenging, and remarkably fun game. Its eerie world and imaginative enemies are genuinely frightening, and the scares are heightened significantly by the scarcity of resources at your disposal.

Is the evil within a horror game?

The Evil Within is a survival horror game developed by Tango Gameworks under the direction of renowned game designer and studio head Shinji Mikami.

How long does it take to beat the evil within on PS4?

He completed The Evil Within on PS4 in just under 20 hours and fully intends to play some more on New Game Plus. The Evil Within is a survival horror game developed by Tango Gameworks under the direction of renowned game designer and studio head Shinji Mikami.