How long is Inspiration Point hike Santa Barbara?

How long is Inspiration Point hike Santa Barbara?

Located in the Santa Ynez Mountains, 1,800-feet above Santa Barbara, Inspiration Point provides panoramic views over The American Riviera. It is a moderate 7.55 to 7.95-mile round trip trek from San Roque Road up Jesusita Trail to Inspiration Point, gradually checking off 1,400 feet of elevation gain.

What is the highest point in Santa Barbara?

La Cumbre Peak is a 3,997-foot (1,218 m) peak in the Santa Ynez Mountains north of Santa Barbara, California and located within the Los Padres National Forest….

La Cumbre Peak
Parent range Santa Ynez Mountains
Topo map USGS Santa Barbara
Easiest route Road

How long is Cathedral Peak hike?

Cathedral Peak Overnight Hike

Distance: 47 km
Duration: 2 days
Ascent: 2600 m
Descent: 2600 m
High: 3000 m

How long is inspiration hike?

Explore this 3.40 mile, out&back trail near Santa Barbara, California. Generally considered a moderately challenging route, it takes an average of 2 h 0 min to complete. This is a very popular area for hiking, mountain biking, and trail running, so you’ll likely encounter other people while exploring.

What mountains can you see from Santa Barbara?

1. Santa Ynez Mountains. This east-west range rises sharply from the Pacific, creating a towering backdrop to the coastal city. Located primarily in the Los Padres National Forest, the mountains are filled with excellent hiking trails, many of which culminate with spectacular views of the city and the ocean below.

What is the name of the mountain range responsible for the uplift experienced in Santa Barbara?

Santa Ynez Mountains
Structurally, the Santa Barbara coastal plain area is dominated by the Santa Barbara fold and fault belt (SBFFB) and the overlapping Santa Ynez Mountains uplift (fig. 2).

How do I get to the summit of Cathedral Peak?

The peak can be climbed in a day from the hotel by following the lower section of the Bell Traverse to a little gully between Cathedral Peak and a gendarme, and then branching off the traverse route to ascend a few slopes and rock bands to the summit of the peak itself.