How long do Dartmoor ponies live?

How long do Dartmoor ponies live?

However, before purchasing a pony, the following advice may be of help, as ponies are expensive animals to keep, particularly as ponies can live as long as 40 years! Moorland ponies are semi-feral and have rarely been handled; this makes them potentially unsuitable for those with little experience of horses.

Are Dartmoor ponies good for children?

The Dartmoor is listed as a rare breed as there are less than 1,000 breeding mares remaining. Today, the Dartmoor pony is seen as an excellent child’s pony, although they are also ridden by small adults.

How old are Dartmoor ponies?

They have been here a long time, hoof prints found on Dartmoor during an archaeological dig were found to be 3,500 yrs old! Written records of ponies on the moor go back as far as AD1012, and in the mid 1800s ponies were used to transport granite from the moorland quarries.

Can Dartmoor ponies be ridden?

They Dartmoor Pony is known for being an excellent children’s pony and can even be ridden by small adults.

Can Dartmoor ponies be Coloured?

Recognised colours include bay, brown, black, grey, chestnut, or roan. Piebald and skewbald colouring is not permitted within the Dartmoor Pony breed.

What is the average weight of a Dartmoor pony?

Dartmoor Pony Size Dartmoor Ponies range in size from 11.1 hands (45 inches) to 12.2 hands (50 inches) and weigh around 440 pounds.

How big can a Dartmoor Pony get?

It has a kind temperament, being reliable, gentle, and calm. Most Dartmoors stand between 11.1 and 12.2 hands (45 and 50 inches, 114 and 127 cm); a pony should stand at no more than 13 hands under the breed standard, introduced in 1924. Recognised colours include bay, brown, black, grey, chestnut, or roan.

Who looks after Dartmoor ponies?

Two schemes have been introduced to halt the decline in numbers, and broaden the gene pool of the Dartmoor Pony. The Dartmoor Pony Moorland Scheme was established in 1988 and is administered by the Dartmoor Pony Society and the Duchy of Cornwall, as well as being supported by the Dartmoor National Park.

How heavy is a 15hh cob?

15hh-15.1hh Welsh Cob average at 535, range is 510-550. This is an ideal weight for them.