How long do concrete fence posts last?

How long do concrete fence posts last?

Concrete is a durable building material and can last for around 20 years with minimal maintenance. Sounds promising doesn’t it? Surprisingly, concrete isn’t immune to wear and tear. Excessive wind and rain can cause concrete posts to chip and crack.

Can you reuse cemented fence posts?

Whether the fence is over your property line, or maybe the fence was installed badly, you can actually pull chain link fence posts and reuse them. Though it isn’t technically challenging to dig out a fence post, it can be hard work, especially if your posts are set in concrete.

Do concrete fence posts rot?

Unlike wooden fence posts concrete is not a degradable material and cannot be penetrated by rot or insect attack which is why people choose to opt for concrete over timber.

Can you use old fence posts?

If the fence posts of your existing fence are in good shape but the fence itself isn’t, you can replace the fence panels and attach them to the existing posts. All existing posts should be straight and level before you install the new fence panels.

How do you dig up old concrete fence posts?

It’s probably 18-24″ in the ground and set in concrete. If you do need to remove it, dig down one side of it with a narrow spade (or better still a trenching tool) and lever it into the hole you’ve just made – sufficient to loosen it enough to remove. It will be heavy – try to set up some form of lever to lift it out.

Are concrete posts better than wood?

Longevity: Concrete posts are virtually impenetrable by damp and they won’t be chewed up by insects, so potentially they can last for decades. They will almost certainly outlast wooden posts, which could offset the extra cost to install them in the first place.

How heavy is a 8ft concrete fence post?

approximately 44kgs
The 8ft long (2.440m) intermediate post has a section size of 94mm x 109mm and weighs approximately 44kgs….Specifications.

Type Concrete Slotted Intermediate Fence Post
Length 2440mm (8ft)
Weight 44 kg

What can you make out of old fence posts?

Don’t junk your old fence. Here are 10 remarkable ways to repurpose it

  1. Wooden clock. This rustic wooden clock is actually make out of salvaged fence boards.
  2. Sunburst mirror.
  3. Colorful birdhouses.
  4. Picket fence headboard.
  5. Rustic coffee table.
  6. Use an old fence as a backboard.
  7. Fence window box.
  8. Towel bar.

What were old fence posts made of?

For example, hard wood, such as locust, cedar, or oak, was often used for posts; wood with tensile strength, such as oak, poplar, or pine, was used for rails; and lightweight wood, such as pine, could be employed for the pales. Although worm fences [Fig.