How long are the terms at St Andrews?

How long are the terms at St Andrews?

two semesters
St Andrews has two semesters each year: Martinmas semester from September to December and Candlemas semester from January to May.

What is Raisin Monday?

On Raisin Monday, the children dress in embarrassing, flamboyant costumes, are given strange objects with a traditional Latin inscription, and are let loose on Lower College lawn for an enormous shaving foam fight. Issued by the University of St Andrews Communications Office. University news.

Who attended St Andrews University?


Name Year/degree Notability
Adam Ferguson 1742 M.A. Philosopher and historian of the Scottish enlightenment; “the father of modern sociology”
Steve Boardman 1989 PhD Medieval historian
John Craig M.A. Classicist, Firth Professor of Latin at the University of Sheffield
William Craigie 1888 Philologist, lexicographer

What does inter semester mean?

An intersession may be a period of a few weeks between semesters or quarters during which students can take short, accelerated classes or complete other academic work.

What is Independent Learning Week?

1.1 Independent Learning Week (ILW) is designed to allow appropriate time for students to consolidate their learning prior to the submission of coursework and December examination diet. 2.1 ILW is a learning week, not a holiday, and must be appropriately integrated into the curriculum.

Why is St Andrews special?

Not only does the University have a world-class reputation, it also offers a diverse range of social activities, including over 140 student societies and 50 sports clubs. Find out more about the Students’ Association, the Athletic Union and the student traditions which make St Andrews unique.

How many semesters is Vit?

At VIT, semester pattern is followed. An academic year consists of two semesters. The Fall (Odd) Semester begins in June and the Winter (Even) Semester in December.