How is the road from Panvel to Alibaug?

How is the road from Panvel to Alibaug?

Its about 75 kms from Panvel… Sadly almost a stretch of 60 kms roads, there is major work undergoing (ofcourse for better tomorrow). So forget enjoying the drive. Plus it may take 3 hrs to reach Alibaug.

How far is Alibaug from Panvel?

Distance Between Panvel to Alibag

Distance between Panvel to Alibag by Road is 61 Kms
Distance between Panvel to Alibag by Flight is 46 Kms
Travel Time from Panvel to Alibag by Road is 1:45 hrs
Nearest Airport in Panvel Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (18.99, 73.12)

Which station is near to Alibag?

The nearest railway stations to Alibaug are Roha and Panvel, located at a distance of 37 km and 47 km respectively. These railheads are connected well to the state capital Mumbai as well as to other important cities and towns of the state as well as the country.

How far is Alibaug from Pune?

Distance Between Alibag to Pune

Distance between Alibag to Pune by Road is 142 Kms
Distance between Alibag to Pune by Flight is 105 Kms
Travel Time from Alibag to Pune by Road is 2:53 hrs
Nearest Airport in Alibag Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (18.66, 72.87)

How can I get Pen from Panvel?

Panvel to Pen Fastest Train: 50105 Diva Swv Pass is the fastest train from Panvel to Pen. To reach Pen, this train takes 1hr 3min hours. The train departs at 06:56:00 from Panvel KLMG and arrives in Pen PEN at 07:59:00.

Which beach is better Kashid or Alibaug?

I think Kashid is a very pretty and clean beach. You should definitely plan a day here. It would be more convenient for you to stay in Alibaug, since you do not have your own vehicle. You can reach Alibaug by taking a ferry from Gateway of India to Mandwa and then a bus to Alibaug.

Which month is best to visit Alibaug?

November to March is the best time to visit Alibaug to enjoy the beaches as the weather is dry and cold. Monsoon season starts somewhere in June and continues till September and hence is an off-season. Also, the boat service between Mumbai and Alibaug is not functional during the rainy season.

Which is better Lonavala or Alibaug?

For one day trip,, lonavala is better option . If you want to enjoy beaches and sports then Alibaug is a good destination. To enjoy the beaches and liveliness you can visit Alibaug but to enjoy the beauty of nature and a lot of greenery and for a peaceful experience you can opt for Lonavala.

How do I get to Alibaug by boat?

The fastest method to get to Alibaug is by Ferry to Mandwa Pier from the Gateway of India in the Colaba neighborhood of southern Mumbai. Ferries to Alibaug are accessible from Gateway of India and ‘Bhaucha Dhakka’. From the dock, the seashore is 30-45 minutes south, by bus or auto cart.

How can I reach Kalyan from Panvel by local train?

Kalyan Jn (KYN) to Panvel (PNVL) Trains

  1. Nearby. 12618. 12618 HAZRAT NIZAMUDDIN – ERNAKULAM Mangala Lakshadweep SF Exp. 05:33KYN. KALYAN JN.
  2. Nearby. 15065. 15065 GORAKHPUR – PANVEL Express. 13:30KYN.
  3. 12742. 12742 PATNA – VASCO DA GAMA SF Express. 16:25KYN. KALYAN JN.
  4. 20822. 20822 SANTRAGACHI – PUNE Humsafar Express. 22:40KYN. KALYAN JN.