How is sepulcher pronounced?

How is sepulcher pronounced?

The word comes from the Latin sepulcrum, which means “burial place,” for obvious reasons. Pronouncing sepulcher could trick you, because the ch actually sounds like a k: “SEP-ul-ker.”

How do you say Whited?

Phonetic spelling of whited

  1. w-AY-t-ih-d.
  2. whit-ed. Gwendolyn.
  3. hwahy-tid. Katrine Armstrong.

What does the phrase whited sepulcher mean?

Definition of whited sepulcher : a person inwardly corrupt or wicked but outwardly or professedly virtuous or holy : hypocrite.

What does sepulcher mean and how is it different from a grave?

The definition of a sepulcher is a small room, usually made of stone, where a dead person is buried. A small stone room at a cemetery that is made of rock or stone in which a king is buried is an example of a sepulcher. To place into a sepulcher; inter. A vault for burial; grave; tomb.

What is the difference between sepulcher and Sepulchre?

As nouns the difference between sepulcher and sepulchre is that sepulcher is a burial chamber while sepulchre is a burial chamber.

What is a Sepulchre in Annabel Lee?

A sepulcher is a burial vault or tomb, like the one that is featured prominently in the final scenes of Romeo and Juliet.

What is a whited sepulcher in Heart of Darkness?

When Marlow visits Brussels to get his appointment, he describes the city as a “whited sepulcher” — a Biblical phrase referring to a hypocrite or person who employs a façade of goodness to mask his or her true malignancy.

What is Sepulchre in the Bible?

Definition of sepulchre (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : a place of burial : tomb. 2 : a receptacle for religious relics especially in an altar.

Is a Sepulchre a tomb?

A sepulcher (American spelling) or sepulchre (British spelling) is a small room in which a dead body is laid to rest. Most properly, a sepulcher is cut out of rock and is in more of a natural setting, though the word has been expanded to be a synonym for tomb or mausoleum.

What does line to shut her up in a Sepulchre mean?

He tells us how the family “bore” (that just means “carried”) her away from him. Death and Annabel’s family are trying to tear these two lovers apart, to “shut her up” in a “sepulchre.” (That’s another word for a big fancy building that you bury someone in, a tomb like you might see in an old cemetery.

What does Dissever mean in Annabel Lee?

By Edgar Allan Poe He goes on to say that neither the angels in heaven or the demons who live under the water can stop their love. Nothing in heaven or hell can “dissever” (that means cut or separate) his soul and Annabel’s soul.

What is the sepulchral city?

The sepulchral city in Heart of Darkness is Brussels. Although it is not directly stated that it is Brussels in the novel, the historical context of…