How is Penelope different from Odysseus?

How is Penelope different from Odysseus?

Instead of acting like Odysseus, Penelope never intends to make her name well known throughout the suitors. Instead she stays calm and encourages the suitors to stay home and make them think that they are welcome. Of course she hate the suitors but she never tells them to leave. This behavior contrast with Odysseus.

What is the secret between Odysseus and Penelope?

Penelope: “If really he is Odysseus, truly home, beyond all doubt we two shall know each other …. There are secret signs we know, we two.” … Odysseus: “There is our pact and pledge, our secret sign, built into that bed—my handiwork and no one else’s!

How are Penelope and Odysseus equal?

Penelope is able to keep the dream she shares of reuniting with Odysseus in marriage alive by stalling until his return. This perhaps speaks to the fact that she is an equal of Odysseus himself, as he must adapt to this contest quickly in order to take her hand.

Are Odysseus and Penelope good match?

Although Odysseus and Penelope were separated for twenty years, they remained faithful to each other. Their loyalty allows Penelope to wait for Odysseus, and his loyalty keeps him focussed on returning home. Their cunning is used to take advantage of the suitors and protect themselves from lasting harm.

Who betrayed Penelope in The Odyssey?

Melantho is not a well-known character in the poem. She is Penelope’s maid and the sister of Melanthius in Odyssey. In the poem, Melantho betrays Penelope. She appears to be more loyal to the suitors.

What is Penelope’s main role in the Odyssey?

Odysseus’s wife, Penelope plays a crucial role in Homer’s ‘The Odyssey’, with not only providing the motivation for Odysseus’s return to Ithaca, but she is also the center of the plot involving the suitors and the fate of Telemakos and Ithaca itself.

What God plots against Odysseus?

The homesick hero sets sail, but when Poseidon, god of the sea, finds him sailing home, he sends a storm to wreck Odysseus’s ship. Poseidon has harbored a bitter grudge against Odysseus since the hero blinded his son, the Cyclops Polyphemus, earlier in his travels.