How hard is PHR exam?

How hard is PHR exam?

The PHR is notoriously hard. In 2019, the pass rate was just 69%. Because the exam certifies the competency of a modern practitioner of human resources, which is a complex profession, it’s safe to say that the rigor is a feature, not a flaw.

What is the pass rate for PHR exam?

HRCI Exam Pass Rates as of December 31, 2021

Credential PASS Rate
aPHR 84%
PHR 65%
SPHR 58%
GPHR 77%

What kind of questions are on the PHR exam?

The exam is computer-based, with 150 scored questions and 25 pretest questions that do not count towards your final score. The test is made up of mostly multiple-choice questions. Candidates will have 3 hours to complete the exam.

How do I study for the PHR?

6 PHR Exam Study Tips

  1. Self-Assessment. Before you decide when to take the exam, consider your current level of readiness and work experience.
  2. Create Study Timeline. How much time will you need?
  3. Evaluate Study Methods.
  4. Identify Budget.
  5. Take a LOT of Practice Tests.
  6. Prepare for Test Day.

Can I take PHR exam online?

A: This online option is available 24/7/365 for scheduling and testing. To get started, login to HRCI® and select the option to schedule via online testing. Browse the calendar and select a time and date to schedule your exam.

How do I pass the SHRM SCP exam?

How to Prepare for and Take the SHRM Certification Exam

  1. Make the time commitment.
  2. Answer practice questions.
  3. Read the explanations of answers.
  4. Read the guidebook.
  5. Don’t take shortcuts.
  6. Use flashcards.
  7. Learn through stories.
  8. Join discussions and study groups.

Where can I get my PHR certification?

HR Manager:$69,500 vs.$60,000 (15.8%)

  • HR Administrator:$50,000 vs.$43,300 ($15.5%)
  • HR Director:$90,000 vs.$80,000 (12.5%)
  • HR Assistant:$39,500 vs.$35,400 (11.6%)
  • HR Generalist:$54,500 vs.$50,000 (9.0%)
  • Who holds a HRCI certification?

    Who Holds an HRCI Certification. HR professionals with certifications from HRCI ® are leaders of a broad range of enterprises, including large multinational corporations, small businesses, for-profit and nonprofit organizations, publicly traded companies, government entities, universities, military branches and more.

    What are the best practices in Human Resource Management?

    The guide gives global comprehensive guidelines in key areas of human resources based on leadership and communication, business continuity, business model design and flexibility, learning and development, and other practices.

    How to get PHR certification?

    PHR and SHRM certifications each have different requirements that candidates need to fulfill before being approved to take a certification exam. For PHR certification, candidates can qualify for the exam with at least one year of professional experience in a human resources job and a master’s degree or higher.