How good are Kifaru packs?

How good are Kifaru packs?

Kifaru is known for having a lot of versatility with the packs they put out, meaning they sell a lot of options to add more space and organization. This pack does separate from the frame as well allowing you to haul meat or extra gear. Something I mentioned prior being an important feature I look for in a pack.

What are Kifaru packs made of?

Kifaru utilizied a laminate fabric known as X-Pac that provides more waterproofness compared to the DWR treated 500d Cordura used in the rest of our line. The Muskeg packs are “do it all bags” that come in three different sizes.

Are Kifaru packs made in USA?

Made in America, bred in the backcountry, and galvanized in combat, you won’t find tougher, better built outdoor gear. In fact, Kifaru has been doing so since 1979 – from backpacks to sleds, to Tipis and other shelters.

Is Kifaru a good brand?

Kifaru products really hold their value because they’re so tough and well built. Below is a comparison of the duplex vs. duplex hunter shoulder strap pad thickness. Kifaru has changed their inventory over the last few years, but I think they still have arguably the best waist belts out there for hunting packs.

Are Kifaru packs waterproof?

The Kifaru pack rain cover features a single seamless silicone coated fabric sheet for complete waterproof protection. Bungie cord drawstring tightens securely around your pack.

What brand of backpack does Steven Rinella use?

Here at MeatEater, we’ve received dozens of inquiries about the backpack that I use on the show; It’s called the Optics Hunter and it’s made in the USA by Outdoorsmans, a Phoenix-based sporting goods company that specializes in optics, tripod systems, and backpack systems.

How is kifaru torso measured?

*How to measure your torso*: Measure from your C7 Vertebrae (the small bone that pokes out from the base back of your neck) down to your Iliac crest (the crest of your hips). If this value is less than 18″, then you should choose the “Short” shoulder straps with the 24″ frame.