How far down do you put a design on a shirt?

How far down do you put a design on a shirt?

Use a tape measure and measure 2” to 3.5” down from the collar on the front or back of the shirt. The idea is for the design to be printed on the intersection of the center line of the tee and the chest line. This will give you perfect placement on your custom shirts every time!

What is the printable area of a shirt?

For most men and women sized apparel, the printable area begins 3″ below the collar. For Men’s/Unisex XS, Women’s S, and anything smaller, the printable areas begins 2″ to 2.5″ below the collar.

Where should I place my logo on a shirt?

Most logos are left chest aligned allowing for a name, or a name patch to be placed on the right of the persons chest. The inside edge of the collar is used as a vertical center line for aligning the logo or design. The bottom of the logo is typically no lower than the bottom of the placket of the polo.

How Big Should a print be on the front of a shirt?

The standard size for Full Front is 12”w x 14”h, and placement is around 3″ down from the collar. For certain designs, this size can look very large.

Where do you put designs on front of shirts?

Top of the design 3″ to 3.5″ from the bottom of neck’s edging.

  1. Jackets – Back. 6″ to 9″ from the seam of the collar to the design’s center.
  2. T-Shirts. 7.5″ to 9″ from the shoulder’s left seam and 4″ to 6″ from the center.
  3. Athletic Jersey. Top of the design 2″ to 3″ or 2.5″ to 3″ from the bottom of neck’s edging.

What are the dimensions of at shirt design?


Shirt Size Standard Width Suggested Design Width
Medium 20 inches 10-11 inches
Large 22 inches 10.5-11.5 inches
X-Large 24 inches 11-12 inches
2X-Large 26 inches 12.5-13.5 inches

What size are most Tshirt designs?


Shirt Size Standard Width Suggested Design Width
Small 18 inches 9.5-10.5 inches
Medium 20 inches 10-11 inches
Large 22 inches 10.5-11.5 inches
X-Large 24 inches 11-12 inches

How big is the printable area in Teespring?

The phone case dimensions are 2.87″ x 5.81″ Printable Area.

Should logo go on left or right sleeve?

The traditional placement of a logo on a garment is on the left chest, approximately 8″ down from the shoulder seam and centered between the placket (neck opening with buttons) and the sleeve seam.

What side is the Nike logo on?

No, it’s on the left.

What is print location and print placement?

The print location is a broad category (center chest, upper back, etc). Print placement is the exact measurement where the design will be printed (2” from the bottom of the sleeve, etc) and determines the print area. For a better explanation of these terms, read my post Does Size Matter?

How do I place a print on my clothes?

Here is a placement guide, as well as some tips. 1 Do a test print on a rag shirt first if possible 2 Back prints are generally 1″ lower drop than front prints 3 Ladies tees are usually 1″ higher drop 4 Ladies tank tops are usually a 1″ total drop

What size print area do I need for my T-shirt?

Our standard print area for t-shirts is 12″ x 16″. If you think about it, that’s quite a bit larger than a piece of standard paper! Just lay our shirt down on the floor and place the print paper on top of it like below. The size of the paper represents the size your image will be printed onto the shirt.

What is the best place to print on a shirt?

Switching up where you print on the shirt can be one way to create a unique look. One of the more popular design placements is the left chest design. Left chest designs are perfect for: Best yet, they can be very profitable because you can create a gang sheet and get more out of a transfer sheet.