How far do persimmon drivers go?

How far do persimmon drivers go?

They don’t have that gear effect.” Couple that with research, conducted by MyGolfSpy, on average distance gained between metal and persimmon drivers. Of eight golfers with swing speeds between 70 and 100 miles per hour, research found an average of 20-plus yards greater distance with a modern driver.

Why do golf clubs use persimmons?

Persimmon is a tree of the ebony family, native to Central and Eastern United States, which produces a hard wood with a pronounced grain pattern. Traditionally sourced for only the finest golf clubs, persimmon cushions little at impact, allowing maximum energy transference to the ball.

Do golfers still use persimmon woods?

Adding a persimmon into the bag doesn’t replace the modern driver, but it does open up a multitude of courses and styles of play that have fallen by the wayside. A counter, however, is that persimmon isn’t for every golfer.

What is a persimmon driver?

The persimmon driver should have been known as a “precision driver.” Tour players loved it because of the feel and feedback they got from each strike. They could shape shots, which not many can do with today’s drivers featuring heads that are up to 460cc in size. A persimmon driver head was roughly 190cc.

Is persimmon a good golf brand?

The club arrived in good time, and is beautiful, the finish and wood-to-metal fit are excellent. Probably because my swing has become flatter and the club heads have become bigger. I thought I would give the V-Classic 3 wood a go as I remember fondly playing with persimmon woods in my youth.

Are persimmon golf clubs good?

With a persimmon head you can genuinely control the shape of your shot; their playability and control are legendary. In fact, Marc Amort, of Amort Golf Academy, says that they allow players to “shape the ball in a way that is impossible with metal drivers and fairway woods”.

Who made the best persimmon woods?

Besides the classic makers like MacGregor and Wilson many smaller companies like these made exceptional product right into the end of the persimmon era, into the 1990s….These are a few other very good brands to look for:

  • Cleveland Classics.
  • Toney Penna.
  • Titleist.
  • Honma.
  • Wood Brothers.
  • Joe Powell.
  • Izzet.

Is persimmon a good wood?

Persimmon lumber is extremely hard, dense, & resistant to wear. It is elastic enough to be used for golf clubs. High crushing and bending strength with medium stiffness. Persimmon wood can be turned with sharp hand tools.

Are persimmon woods good?

Is persimmon wood good for anything?

Persimmon wood has a wide variety of uses. In recreation, it is used to make golf clubs, pool cues, drumsticks and musical instruments. It can be used for fine art like woodturning, furniture and as veneer.

Are persimmon trees valuable?

American Persimmon is a native tree prized for both its fruit and lumber. The fruit is sweet and slightly tart. The timber is difficult to dry, but our high-tech vacuum kilns can keep the movement minimal and stabilize any surface checking. When dried correctly, the wood can be used for all types of applications.

How hard is persimmon?

Persimmon is very strong, stiffer and stronger than all common hardwood species, except hickory. The strength (MOR) at 12 percent MC is nearly 18,000 psi. The stiffness (MOE) is 2 million psi hardness is 2300 pounds; this hardness is outstanding.