How do you write a case statement in Crystal Reports?

How do you write a case statement in Crystal Reports?

SELECT {field} Case : action Case : another action Default: action;

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Is Crystal Reports case sensitive?

1 Answer. There is a setting in File -> Report Options that tells CR if your SQL statements need to be case sensitive. That setting also controls the case sensitivity of your Crystal formula comparisons. This setting is saved with each report so you can have some reports that are case sensitive and others that are not.

How do you use ToNumber in Crystal Reports?


  1. In Crystal Reports, open the report on which you want to convert a text to a number.
  2. Create a new formula field.
  3. In the Formula Editor, use the function ToNumber to convert the text into a number like: ToNumber({YourStringField})
  4. Save and close the formula.
  5. Place the formula on the report.

How do I configure Crystal Reports?

To install Crystal Reports 2016, do the following:

  1. Download the Crystal Reports 2016 installation set from the Exact customer portal to the preferred system.
  2. Log in as the administrator of the system.
  3. Go to folder DATA_UNITS > CrystalReports and right-click on “setup.exe”, and then select Run as administrator.

What does CSTR mean in Crystal Reports?

Returns a string representation of the value.

How do I change the decimal format in Crystal Reports?

How do I adjust the number of decimals for Quantity or Price fields in Crystal Reports?

  1. Right-click on the Field and choose Format Field…
  2. Select the Number tab.
  3. Click Customize button.
  4. Select Number tab.
  5. Use the drop-down next to Decimals to select the maximum number of decimals (recommended = 1.0000000)

What does CSTR do in Visual Basic?

CStr converts literals into Strings. It handles Integer, Boolean and Char. It changes these into their String representations. In VB.NET we cannot call the ToString function on these types.

How do you use TRIM in Crystal Reports?

How to trim the ID field in a report to only show the ID number

  1. Create a report format, go to Query -> New Report Format.
  2. Select the fields to be placed in the report format, be sure to choose the ID field.
  3. Click Author the Report, this will open Crystal Reports.
  4. Go to Insert -> Formula Field.