How do you warp in MU Online?

How do you warp in MU Online?

Mu Online has a variety of chat commands available for users….Page actions.

Command Functions
/(0-9) Set macro to be used with Alt+(0-9)
/move /warp Teleports user to MAPNAME, maps are listed here.
/guildwar (must be guild master) Declare a war on another guild

How do you shout MU Online?

Basic In-Game Commands

  1. F1 : Help On/Off.
  2. F2 : Chat On/Off.
  3. F3 : Whisper mode window On/Off.
  4. F5 : Adjust Chat Window Size.
  5. F6 : Shoutout messages On/Off.
  6. F7 : Spam messages On/Off.
  7. Enter : Chat mode.
  8. Shift : Holds Character Position.

How do you open a store in MU Online?

You can also open another player’s Personal Store by using the Buy Command. Open your own personal store to start selling items yourself. To access your Personal Store, open your inventory and then click the Persoanl Store button. You can also press S while you inventory is open to open the Personal Store.

How do you clear your inventory in MU Online?

Clear Inventory is an option in Character Options menu at Account Panel. It is available so that, if for some reason, a player needs to clear his inventory from bugged items. Clear Inventory costs no zen and can be used as many times as a player wishes.

How do I open gremory case MU Online?

The [Gremory Case] stores rewards items from [Mini-games] and [Events]….

  1. Displays brief information of active [Quests].
  2. Click a listed [Quest] to open it’s full details in the [My Quest] menu.
  3. When some [Quests] are completed, you can click the [Quest] to claim the rewards.

How do you party in MU?

MU Legend also has an option, available in other MMORPGs, that allows you to automatically search for a party. This option is available in a window of any of the dungeons right before enter them. Simply select a difficulty and then press the button to automatically search for other party members.

How do I zoom out in MU?

Mu Origin2 ② Zoom in/Zoom out: Drag the bar to zoom in and out. The POV can be changed by touching the center of the screen and dragging up and down, as can be done in normal gameplay.

How do I store my Mu?

Instead, wrap the mu in newspaper and store it in the refrigerator. If you have a crisper in the refrigerator, place it in there. If you want to freeze mu, first wash it, peel it, and then cut it into small pieces. Seal tightly in a plastic bag.

How can I marry MU Online?

Marriage between female and male character is possible only at one place. To marry the couples have to go in Devias 2 alias the wedding castle and present themselves to the priest. Female character must stands on co-ordinates 14 26, and Male on 14 25. The male type following command: /marry character.

How do you guild chat in MU?

Press F2 in game and you will only see PM’s and guild messages. Press F4 – click few times and your chat log will be expanded. Press F5 – On/Off HP and SD bars above monsters / players head.

How do you play zoomed game?

How to Play The Zoom In Game:

  1. Separate everyone into teams of 5.
  2. The first “zoomed” slide is worth 5 points, the second “zoomed out” slide is 4 points, the third “zoomed out” slide is 3 points, and the fourth “zoomed out” slide is worth only 1 point.

How do I rotate my camera in mu online?

3D Camera & Minimizer

  1. You can turn the 3D camera ON/OFF by pressing F10 button.
  2. After turning the camera ON you can zoom in/out or even change the camera position by using your mouse wheel, (if you keep it clicked and move the mouse around the camera position will change).