How do you use otherwise in a sentence?

How do you use otherwise in a sentence?

Examples of otherwise in a Sentence Adverb All of the books had been burned or otherwise destroyed. The women talked in the living room while the men were otherwise occupied. Art allows us to express things that we would not be able to express otherwise. Something must be wrong; otherwise, he would have called.

How do you punctuate But otherwise?

Use a comma to set off most conjunctive adverbs (however, otherwise, therefore, similarly, hence, on the other hand, and consequently). But do not use a comma after the conjunctive adverbs then, thus, soon, now, and also. In the following examples, a semicolon is used to separate two independent clauses.

Where can I use otherwise?

You use otherwise after stating a situation or fact, in order to say what the result or consequence would be if this situation or fact was not the case. Make a note of the questions you want to ask. You will invariably forget them otherwise. I’m lucky that I’m interested in school work, otherwise I’d go mad.

Do you use a comma before or after otherwise?

In grammar books “otherwise” is a conjunctive adverb and should be at the start of a sentence or after a semicolon, but in dictionaries it comes usually after a comma!

Is otherwise rude?

Otherwise is defined as in other circumstances, other ways or other respects, or can mean “or else.” If a person is normally nice but is rude only on one particular occasion, this is an example of when you might say he is otherwise very nice except for that occasion.

What is the difference between else and otherwise?

As adjectives the difference between otherwise and else is that otherwise is other than supposed; different while else is other; in addition to previously mentioned items.

What does but otherwise mean?

“But otherwise” means”except for what has just been mentioned”.

Can you use otherwise in the middle of a sentence?

(sentence adverb) You use otherwise to connect two clauses where the second clause shows the bad thing that would happen if the first clause doesn’t happen. You need the proper license. Otherwise you can’t do business.

How do you use otherwise in an email?

  1. The otherwise you refer to means or else, apart from that, in a different situation.
  2. Before otherwise is uttered, something else is stated, so otherwise introduces a different situation with a phrase.
  3. Example: Let’s hurry up, otherwise we’ll get caught in the rain.

How do you end a sentence with otherwise?

In the above examples, otherwise could also be used at the end of the sentence, e.g. ‘He wouldn’t have passed his test otherwise’. When used to mean in a different or opposite way from what has been mentioned, otherwise is used in final position: ‘I intend to remain here until someone tells me otherwise’.

What does I didn’t say otherwise mean?