How do you use aurora in a sentence?

How do you use aurora in a sentence?

It’s the aurora borealis dancing across the night sky. I had seen an aurora before but that was no holiday.

What is the aurora australis?

Definition of aurora australis : an aurora that occurs in earth’s southern hemisphere. — called also southern lights.

Where is aurora in Australia?

Photographers across Australia will tell you that Aurora Australis is visible from many places, but your best chance of witnessing this phenomenon is to be as far south as possible – which means Tasmania. All you need for a sighting is a broad horizon (away from artificial light), a decent camera and good timing.

What does the aurora australis look like?

In the sky, an aurora australis takes the shape of a curtain of light, or a sheet, or a diffuse glow; it most often is green, sometimes red, and occasionally other colors too. Like its northern sibling, the aurora australis is strongest in an oval centered on the south magnetic pole.

What is another word for aurora?

What is another word for aurora?

cockcrow dawn
daybreak daylight
light morn
morning sun
sunrise sunup

Does Australis mean south?

The word australis means “southern.”

Why is it called aurora australis?

This light show is called the southern lights or aurora australis. The lights are named after Aurora, the Roman goddess of the dawn. The word australis means “southern.” The aurora australis is a kind of aurora, a natural light display that occurs in the skies close to Earth’s north and south poles.

What is the meaning of Australis?

The word australis is Latin for austral, which simply means “southern.” The aurora australis appears in many colors ranging from green and pink to red, yellow, and blue. And the aurora australis is not the only aurora on Earth.

Are there southern lights at the South Pole?

Yes, there are southern lights. The aurora australis occurs around the southern magnetic pole, much as the aurora borealis (northern lights) occurs around the northern magnetic pole.