How do you start a sentence with consequently?

How do you start a sentence with consequently?

” Therefore, ‘consequently’ is usable at the start of a sentence that states the result of previously described actions. Here is an example: “Michael’s alarm didn’t go off. Consequently, he was late for work today.”

Can consequently be used in the middle of a sentence?

“Consequently” is very similar to “so” and “therefore.” Like “therefore” it’s a conjunctive adverb (the term is not important!). It usually appears in the middle of sentence, but it may also be used at the beginning of sentence.

Can you start a sentence with consequently?

You can start a sentence with any word that makes sense in context. Any word. Consequently probably most often occurs as the first word in a sentence. It connects the new sentence with the previous one. If it’s not the first word, it probably comes after a semi-colon, which amounts to the same thing. He lost his job.

What is a short sentence for the word Consequently?

Dissent consequently grew stronger.

  • I consequently held my peace.
  • Our progress was consequently rapid.
  • Pedringano consequently is beguiled to death.
  • There was consequently nothing for it but endurance.
  • There is consequently a manifest error.
  • The air consequently was close and hot.
  • I consequently became much attached to it.
  • Is consequently an adverb?

    Consequently adverb. as a consequence; ‘he had good reason to be grateful for the opportunities which they had made available to him and which consequently led to the good position he now held’;

    What is the opposite of Consequently?

    Opposite of in a particular place after one has been expected to have left “He would walk off in a huff after his dispute with his mother.” Find more words! What is another word for consequently? What is the adjective for consequently? What is the noun for consequently?