How do you query in GemFire?

How do you query in GemFire?

An important characteristic of GemFire querying to note is that by default, GemFire queries on the values of a region and not on keys. To obtain keys from a region, you must use the keySet path expression on the queried region. For example, /exampleRegion. keySet .

What is GemFire database?

GemFire is a high performance distributed data management infrastructure that sits between application cluster and back-end data sources. With GemFire, data can be managed in-memory, which makes the access faster. Spring Data provides an easy configuration and access to GemFire from Spring application.

How do I use GemFire?

Pivotal GemFire in 15 Minutes or Less

  1. Install Pivotal GemFire.
  2. Use gfsh to start a locator.
  3. Start GemFire Pulse.
  4. Start a server.
  5. Create a replicated, persistent region.
  6. Manipulate data in the region and demonstrate persistence.
  7. Examine the effects of replication.
  8. Restart the cache servers in parallel.

What is GemFire service?

VMware Tanzu GemFire is a distributed, in-memory, key-value store that performs read and write operations at blazingly fast speeds. It offers highly available parallel message queues, continuous availability, and an event-driven architecture you can scale dynamically, with no downtime.

When should I use GemFire?

Pivotal GemFire is a data management platform that provides real-time, consistent access to data-intensive applications throughout widely distributed cloud architectures. GemFire pools memory, CPU, network resources, and optionally local disk across multiple processes to manage application objects and behavior.

What are regions in GemFire?

Within a GemFire cluster, you can define distributed regions and non-distributed regions, and you can define regions whose data is spread across the cluster, and regions whose data is entirely contained in a single member. Your choice of region type is governed in part by the type of application you are running.

What is GemFire used for?

Is GemFire in-memory database?

In addition to being a distributed data container, GemFire is an in-memory data management system that provides reliable asynchronous event notifications and guaranteed message delivery.