How do you program a Smolov?

How do you program a Smolov?

The Smolov squat program is broken into five phases: an introductory microcycle of two weeks, a four-week base cycle, a two-week switching phase, a four-week intense cycle, then a one-week taper before you finally max out.

How many days a week is Smolov?

three to four days
Throughout the program, Smolov demands three to four days per week, with some weeks squatting back to back days. Strength gains have been noted between 50–130 pounds (22–58 kg).

How long is the smolov program?

13 weeks
The Smolov Squat program is 13 weeks long and separated into 4 phases.

How good is Smolov?

Most of the issues with the Smolov program stem from the same reason it can work for some people – it’s a lot of work. The program is very intense. Because of this, you shouldn’t do any other training outside of it. For most people on a strength training program, this fact would make Smolov inappropriate.

Is Smolov a peaking program?

Designed by the Russian ‘Master of Sports’ Sergey Smolov and made popular by the legendary Pavel Tsatsouline, Smolov is a Russian peaking program which is not for the faint of heart or those with a weak constitution.

How long does Smolov Jr take?

The Smolov Jr. Protocol is as follows: Smolov Jr. is a 4 day per week program that extends over a period of 3 weeks. Each week the same repetition scheme is repeated.

Can you run Smolov back to back?

We recommend hitting something like a standard 5×5 type of protocol. Something with less volume (less lifts per session and fewer squat days per week). Give yourself a few weeks to recover and then hit it hard again… that can be another Smolov cycle, 5/3/1, or whatever else tickles your fancy.

Is there a spreadsheet for the Smolov squat program?

Here is a spreadsheet for the original Smolov Squat Routine that works for kg and lbs. Update:I just added a sheet that calculates the Smolov Jr Program (choose the “Smolov Jr” bottom tab).

What is the Smolov Jr training program?

Smolov Jr is a shorter version of the full Smolov program, lasting only 3 weeks. It is often run for the squat or the bench press. Unlike the full Smolov program, Smolov Jr can be run twice in a row if a week of rest is taken between cycles. Here is what you can expect during each training week for Smolov Jr.

What is Smolov routine?

Smolov routine is a mix of undualating periodization and block periodization. The importance of the starting two weeks is to familiarise yourself with the herculean base Mesocycle in which you are required to squat four times a week.

What is the Smolov intensity cycle?

It is included as a recovery week before the final intense mesocycle where the peaking will occur. The Smolov intensity cycle is spread out over 6 weeks. The first four weeks consist of a significant amount of volume, much of it between 80% and 95% of your squat 1RM.