How do you Nuzlocke in Pokemon Platinum?

How do you Nuzlocke in Pokémon Platinum?

6 Tips For A Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke

  1. Remember the Physical/Special Split.
  2. Plan For Static Encounters.
  3. Catch A Magikarp.
  4. Don’t Only Use Bidoof For HMs.
  5. Prepare For Valley Windworks.

How do I get to the first gym in Pokémon Platinum?

Head to the city’s south side and enter the mines, and you’ll find Roark at the southernmost point inside the cave. When you find him, he’ll return to the Gym to face you in battle. There are two trainers in the Oreburgh Gym that you’ll have to get through before you challenge the Gym Leader.

Where do I go after I get the coal badge?

But since you have the skill Rock Smash and can now use it with the Coal Badge in your inventory, spend some time in Oreburgh Gate en route to Jubilife City.

How do you get to Oreburgh city in Pokémon Platinum?

Oreburgh is first accessible via the Oreburgh Gate, which is to the west of the city. This is one of two connecting routes to the City, the other being Route 207 to the city’s north.

Did Jaiden animations fail her Pokemon Platinum Nuzlocke?

Jaiden picks up saying that she did a Nuzlocke last year, and she’s doing it again, this time with Pokemon Platinum. She reminds the viewers of the rules: you can only catch the first pokemon you find per route, if a pokemon loses all its HP in battle you can’t use it anymore, and you need to give your pokemon a name.

What level Pokemon will obey you with 1 badge?

Obedience Level and Required Badges

Maximum Levels Pokemon Badge
Lv. 10 No Badges
Lv. 30 2 Badges
Lv. 50 4 Badges
Lv. 70 6 Badges

Does chimchar evolve?

MonfernoChimchar / Evolves to

What level Pokémon will obey you with 1 badge?

What Pokemon can I find in Oreburgh City?

Oreburgh City is a large town in Pokemon BDSP where you can obtain the first gym badge, revive Fossil Pokemon at the Museum, and more….Oreburgh City Pokemon in Brilliant Diamond Shining Pearl.

Pokemon Where How
Abra First floor of second house from entrance Trade the woman here a Machop