How do you identify a 9C1?

How do you identify a 9C1?

If it has rubber floors and vinyl backseat with cloth front seat, it’s more likely a 9C1. If it’s a 2014, it’s a 9C1. If it says it has full wheel covers, it maybe a 9C3. If it has a full center console with an armrest, it’s a 9C3.

What is 9C1?

9C1 is a code used by Chevrolet, in reference to a vehicle intended for use as a police car. Other parts of the 9C1 package are designed to allow for the fitment of required emergency lighting and equipment.

What engine is in a 1995 Chevy Caprice?

4.3 L V8
5.7 L V8
1995 Chevrolet Caprice/Engine

How do you identify a 9c1 Caprice?

50 second clip suggested2:40Do I have a “Police” Impala? How to find the 9C1 or 9C3 code for PPV or …YouTube

How do you solve 9c1?


  1. n choose r. Gives the number of subsets of r elements , out of n elements. nCr = n ! r ! ( n − r )! = n ! r ! ( n − r )!
  2. Plug in n =9, r =1. =9! 1! (9−1)!
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What is the value of 9C3?


How do I know if my Impala has a police package?

48 second clip suggested2:40Do I have a “Police” Impala? How to find the 9C1 or 9C3 code for PPV or …YouTube

What transmission does a 96 Caprice have?

1996 Caprice/Impala – Transmission (4-Speed 4L60-E Automatic)

What is a 9C1 Caprice?

The company referred to this version as the 9C1. In 1994, Chevrolet equipped the 9C1 Caprice with a version of its LT1 engine, the same motor used in that year’s Corvette sports car. Chevrolet continued to install the LT1 until 1996. After police departments decommissioned these cars, the LT1 interceptors became collector’s items.

What kind of engine does a 1994 Chevy Caprice have?

The 5.7 LT1 was not the only engine offered in the 1994-1996 Chevy Caprice. The standard engine in all 9C1 Caprice’s was the 200 horsepower L99 263 cid (4.3 L) V8.

How do I contact Chevrolet about a 1995 Caprice?

ALSO CONTACT THE NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRAFFIC SAFETY ADMINISTRATION’S AUTO SAFETY HOTLINE AT 1-800-424-9393. The 1995 Chevrolet Caprice accounted for 8.9% of Chevrolet’s 665,955 production.

Is the Holden Caprice 9C1 available in the Middle East?

In 1999 the Caprice 9C1 name would be revived for the Middle East based on the Holden Caprice from the WH Statesman/Caprice range for the 2000 model year. This same police package was used in the VT Commodore range at the time which was also sold in the Middle Eastern market as the Lumina.