How do you get to the wind Temple boss in Wind Waker?

How do you get to the wind Temple boss in Wind Waker?

Stand in front of the stone seal and conduct the Wind God’s Aria. Makar will play on his fiddle and the path will open. Blow open the warp cauldron. Collect power-ups from the pots (including fairies), unlock the door with the Big Key, and get ready to face the boss.

How do I find Makar?

If you’ve already completed the Earth Temple, you can now head to Forest Haven and find Makar behind a water fall. Follow the music notes and use your grappling hook to swing into the right waterfall. Inside, meet up with Makar and talk to him.

How do you open the fan in the wind Temple?

Place Makar on one of the switches here and have Link stand on the other one. This will open the bottom section of fan, allowing us into the lowest section of the room. Grab Makar and jump all the way down when the air is not blowing to slip past the fan. Open the locked door with the small key and head through it.

How do you get Medli to fly in Wind Waker?

Jump with Medli over to the next platform. Put Medli down, stand on the switch, then play the Command Melody. When you’re Medli, you can tap A to fly for a short time. The meter at the top left tells you how much longer you can fly.

Where is the Wind Temple?

Gale Isle

Wind Temple
Location Gale Isle
Main appearance(s) The Wind Waker
Other appearance(s) Hyrule Warriors Legends
Main Item(s) Hookshot x2 Treasure Charts

Where can I buy Korok violin?

the Forest Haven
Makar is a Korok from The Wind Waker. Like all Koroks, he is able to fly using a Deku Leaf. He also plays the violin, a skill he shares with the ancient Wind Sage, Fado. When Link arrives at the Forest Haven in search of Farore’s Pearl, the Great Deku Tree says that he will give Link the pearl after the ceremony.

Who has the violin in Wind Waker?

Makar (マコレ, Makore?) is a character from The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. He is an adventurous Korok who lives in the Forest Haven. He plays a violin that he has inherited from his ancestors, although due to his size limitations, he plays it in the position of a cello.

How do you become heavy as the Great Deku Tree?

Walk over and speak with Makar to learn that you can free him by becoming as heavy as the Great Deku Tree. Go through the door opposite of the one you entered and kill off the Peahats. Now drop down to the floor beneath and kill the Floormaster. Use the Deku Leaf on the propeller to move the wall.

How do you beat the Wizzrobe in the wind temple?

Wind Temple After you enter the Wind Temple simply grab Makar and head north through the door to the next room. Place Makar on the ground and drop down into the pit ahead. Defeat the Wizzrobe in this area and then walk forward through the small pathway and defeat the Stalfos as well.

How do I get into the wind temple?

Enter the cave and play the Wind God’s Aria in front of the stone seal. Link and Makar will walk forward and jump into the hole. You are now inside the Wind Temple. Pick up Makar and go through the door.

How do I beat molgera in wind temple?

The Wind Temple boss, Molgera, emerges from the sand and lashes her tongue around as she moves in to strike. L-target the tongue and try to nab it with the hookshot. As you do this be sure to keep you distance as she will be

How do I get to the dirt patches in the wind temple?

You are now inside the Wind Temple. Pick up Makar and go through the door. This room contains a pit with two mysterious patches, some trampolines and a warp cauldron in the corner. Jump down and defeat the Wizzrobe and Stalfos, then play the Command Melody. Have Makar jump down and go to the dirt patches.