How do you get the level 108 spell in Wizard101?

How do you get the level 108 spell in Wizard101?

have completed the quest “Story of the Sky Anchor.” means: finish all footwork quest in the Arcanum after talking all new school teacher in the Arcanum to open the quest to receive Quest Of: “Story of the Sky Anchor” after finish quest of “Story of the Sky Anchor” then Talk to NEW Teacher In Arcanum!

Where do you get Spellwright in Wizard101?

Wizard101 Spellwrighting You’ll notice a new tab in your spellbook that unlocks when you qualify for at least one new spell upgrade and own a Spellement (the components you need to spellwright). To upgrade spells, collect Spellements in battle and from Packs. They can also be found in the Wizard City Underground.

When was Polaris released Wizard101?

Engine Gamebryo
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
Release NA: September 2, 2008 AU: March 3, 2009 EU: February 15, 2011
Genre(s) Massively multiplayer online role-playing game

What level should you be for Polaris?

Re: What level is for Polaris? You have to have completed Khrysalis defeating Morganthe which puts you at least at level 100.

How do I get to Arcanum?

The Arcanum will become available to you at around lv. 108 (end of Polaris). Your efforts to thwart Spider didn’t go unnoticed, and you’ll be rewarded for those efforts by joining the “best wizards in the Spiral” club.

What is after Polaris?

Re: what after Polaris? Mirage or Empyra is next.

How do you get Spellements w101?

Almost every spellement is available as a reward from the Deluxe Spellement Pack. Other upgrade-able spells either come from packs or are holiday exclusive spells (Krampus and Reindeer Knight).

Can you trade Spellements w101?

When you get 35 spellements of a certain spell you can unlock it – it’s not F2P but at least it’s not as random. This new system also allows players to open their packs in one wizard, collect the spellements and transfer them to other characters effectively allowing us to trade newly acquired lore spells.

How many Wizard101 worlds are there?

Adding in Azteca, Wysteria, and Grizzleheim, we have a total of 24 worlds.

What level is Mirage Wizard101?

You need to be level 110 to go to Mirage as well as finished the main quests in Polaris.

What is the quest for level 108 spells?

Meet new professors, ready to impart their knowledge upon Wizards who reach level 108 and have completed the quest “Story of the Sky Anchor.”” Re: level 108 spells? Re: level 108 spells? What is the name of the quest? I’m now level 109, in the arcanium, and I have no quest that says anything about “gathering tusks”.

How much do level 108 spells cost to cast in Polaris?

Each of the level 108 spells in Polaris costs 6 pips + 1 shadow pip to cast. Here are some videos showing you exactly what the spells are like! These spells require you defeat Cyrio Cassini, as boss that will be your own school.

What’s the deal with the life wizard spells?

The world brought the magic back to Wizard101 and these spells are an effort to avoid another Khrulhu. It’s the power of the spell that has been the main topic of conversation among Life wizards. The problem they run into is that their school typically has a relatively low damage output.