How do you get the Hellish Staff of Herding?

How do you get the Hellish Staff of Herding?

To get the Nightmarish, Hellish or Infernal version of Plan: Staff of Herding you will need to go to the last part of Act IV (Prime Evil) on the difficulty you desire and then talk to Gorell the Quartermaster who is standing next to the healer, he will sell it to you: 20,000 for Plans: Nightmarish Staff of Herding.

How do you make the Infernal Staff of Herding?

Crafting. The Infernal Staff of Herding could be crafted using the Plan: Infernal Staff of Herding, 1,000,000 gold (50,000 on console), and the Hellish Staff of Herding. Upgraded versions of the plans could be bought from Gorell the Quartermaster beside the Armory in Bastion’s Keep Stronghold.

Is the Staff of Herding one time use?

Talk to the Ghost of the Cow King Put the Staff of Herding in your inventory (it’s not necessary to equip it). Note that the staff is permanent and it is not consumed; in fact, you can replay the Whimsyshire level as many times as you like.

What can you get from Whimsyshire?

That’s right, only in Whimsydale can you murder a unicorn and get cool glowing wings. Also, Whimsydale is extremely lucrative. While Whimsyshire most exists for the portrait frame and the sense of accomplishment, getting to go to Whimsydale means lots of gold, crafting materials and gemstones.

Who drops the Staff of Herding?

The Plans: Staff of Herding are a required ingredient to craft the Staff of Herding, which is used to gain access to Whimsyshire. The plans are dropped randomly by Izual on Act 4: Prime Evil (on any difficulty level).

Can you upgrade staff of herding?

The Nightmarish Staff of Herding was a craftable staff in Diablo III. It was needed to access Whimsyshire on Nightmare difficulty. As of version 2.0, any version of the Staff of Herding will grant the player access to Whimsyshire on any difficulty, so it is no longer necessary nor possible to upgrade the staff.

How do you farm the Staff of Herding?

To farm it, select the quest called The Imprisoned Angel, then portal to Leoric’s Manor. The fireplace is within the first few rooms of the building. Liquid Rainbow – This item can only be looted if the Mysterious Cave spawns.

Can you use Staff of Herding multiple times?

You can use it multiple times. I’ve ran several on Normal, Nightmare and Hell without losing my staff. Also, When you upgrade your staff to the next level, you can still create the games from the lower levels.

Is Whimsyshire worth farming?

It’s not an amazing farming spot or anything but it’s still a fun place to clear once in a while just for kicks. It’s certainly way more worth it than it was before the patch. They have said over and over again that they DO NOT WANT short farming runs because they realize that’s not fun.