How do you do an oaf personalization?

How do you do an oaf personalization?

Scroll down to the “Page Layout” Section and click on Create Item Icon next to it.

  1. Enter the Following information:
  2. Click Apply to save the changes.
  3. Reorder an item: By default, the above text would be displayed at the bottom of the page.
  4. Select the Personalize Radio button under Responsibility section.

How do you make a switcher in oaf?

OAF Switcher Region: How to use it?

  1. Create a New Column under Advanced Table where you want this Delete Icon to be displayed.
  2. Right Click on the New Column that was created and Select New — Switcher.
  3. Set the following Properties to the Switcher Region.

How do I customize my Oracle Apps home page?

To enable the “personalize page” link on home page you need to set the profile option “Personalize Self-Service Defn” to “Yes” at User level or Site Level. Then Re-login to application and see if you get the “personalize page” link on top right corner of your home page.

How do I get about this page in oaf?

Now try to open same web page or internet page or OAF page, you can see ‘About this Page’ at bottom left side of page. See below: Now you can see various information about this page by clicking on ‘About this Page’ link of page.

Which profile option activates about this page link at the bottom of OA Framework pages?

FND: Diagnostics
Tip: You may also want to set the FND: Diagnostics (FND_DIAGNOSTICS) profile option to Yes to render the “About this page” link at the bottom of each OA Framework-based page.

How do I get about this page in Oracle Apps?

If we need to enable the “About This Page” link in Oracle Apps we have to set the below profile values.

  1. Personalize Self-Service Defn = YES.
  2. FND: Personalization Region Link Enabled = YES.
  3. Disable Self-Service Personal = NO (Only at Site)
  4. FND: Diagnostics = Yes.

What is Sandbox in Oracle Cloud?

What is Sandbox? What can be a sandbox? A playing platform for individuals where one can create or test something of his/her own customization without hampering others work. Similarly, Sandbox in Oracle Cloud Applications is a discriminate and separate environment, where you can do your configuration work and testing.

How do I import Vo into oaf?

EO based VO Extension in OAF

  1. Analyze the Page.
  2. Create a New View Object (VO)
  3. Substitute your New VO with parent VO.
  4. After substitution import *.jpx.
  5. Personalize the page to create new item.
  6. Congratulation you have successfully finished.

What is Oa personalization framework?

As an Oracle E-Business Suite Administrator, you can use OA Personalization Framework to personalize the pages of OA Framework-based applications at various personalization levels without modifying any code.

What are user level personalizations in OAF?

User Level Personalizations: OAF allows end users to create views on top of standard search regions. These type of views are called User Level Personalizations Hi, I’m Puneet Rajkumar, an aspiring blogger with an obsession of Oracle Apps. This site is devoted to assist people to be told Oracle World.

How to customize Oracle Oracle oaf page?

oracle oaf page personalization Customizing Self Service Applications using Personalizations Release 11.5.10 provides a feature called Personalize Page, which gives us the ability to customize the look and feel of the Self Service Applications. Setting the Profile option Personalize Self-Service Defn to “Yes”, enables this feature.

How do I change the page hierarchy in OA personalization framework?

Use the Functional Administrator responsibility to launch OA Personalization Framework. In the Application Catalog, search for the specific region that you want to personalize, then select the Personalize icon to navigate to the Page Hierarchy Personalization page.