How do you do a TOK presentation?

How do you do a TOK presentation?

10 Tips for a Good TOK Presentation

  1. Choose a good Real Life Situation.
  2. Create a reasonable knowledge question that is not too easy but not too hard.
  3. Use TOK terminology throughout the entire presentation.
  5. Include multiple perspectives.
  6. Structure your presentation coherently and establish a “flow”.

What is a theory essay?

A “theory” is a system of explanation, a particular way of thinking that helps to explain phenomena in the world. In this short essay, you will reflect on your development as a reader, writer, and critical thinker and explain how your learning has led you to a specific theory of writing.

What is a Tok thinker?

Thinkers. TOK students examine thinking in order to understand what constitutes good thinking and also to recognize potential flaws in thought processes. Students also think about what thinking is required in a variety of situations, as well as how thinking relates to emotional processing and intuition.

How do you write a thesis for a Tok?

Paragraph 1: Introduction

  1. 1 – Start the essay by saying something relatable or interesting.
  2. 2 – Your Thesis/ Stand.
  3. 3 – Outline of the paragraph.
  4. 1 – Begin your paragraph with a claim or topic sentence.
  5. 2 – Explain and Elaborate.
  6. 3 – Give an example with an explanation.
  7. 4 – Linking back.
  8. 1 – State your counterclaim.

How do you write a knowledge question in Tok essay?

Set a Knowledge Question (KQ) Ideally, create something that incorporates large parts of the prescribed title. TOK knowledge questions typically start with: “To what extent …”. Choosing an open ended question as such will really help you in your conclusion!

Is Tok externally marked?

The theory of knowledge course is assessed through a presentation and a 1600 word essay on your choice of one of 6 set title questions. The majority of your TOK marks come from the essay. The total TOK marks will be combined with your EE mark to give you a maximum of 3 points. Your essay is marked externally.

What is a Tok knowledge question?

Definition of a Knowledge Question – A knowledge question is a question about knowledge rather than focusing in on specific content or situations, it is an open ended question so you cannot answer it with a simple yes or no, and it is general meaning it is not specific to the subject.

What is a TOK presentation?

TOK presentations are done to demonstrate that analysis of knowledge can have real-life applications and they are usually done by identifying a knowledge topic and exploring them using real-life situations. As writing a TOK presentation is a must for all IB students, let’s look at how to do it.

How long is a TOK presentation?

Presentation duration Approximately 10 minutes per presenter should be allowed, up to a maximum of approximately 30 minutes per group. Presentations should be scheduled to allow time for class discussion afterwards.

Is there a tok exam?

Assessment of TOK The TOK course is assessed through an oral presentation and a 1,600 word essay. The presentation assesses the ability of the student to apply TOK thinking to a real-life situation, while the essay takes a more conceptual starting point.