How do you accent a coffered ceiling?

How do you accent a coffered ceiling?

Transform a dull white-on-white coffered ceiling by adding shiplap or white paneling to the raised portions. This creates a subtle layer of texture, which introduces depth into the design while still being understated. Panels and shiplap are also great ways to mimic the direction of hardwood floors.

Is a coffered ceiling modern?

“While coffered ceilings are most frequently thought of as a traditional architectural detail, they can be incorporated into modern environments too,” she says. “A clean coffered detail with mitered beams and no decorative molding can add instant luxury and interest to an otherwise clean, spare space.”

Are coffered ceilings more expensive?

Materials for your coffered ceiling cost $3 to $30 per square foot. Real hardwoods cost the most at up to $30 per square foot. PVC, plywood and fiberboard are much cheaper at $3 to $20 per square foot….Cost of Coffered Ceiling Materials.

Material Price Per Square Foot
Mahogany $17 – $30

What rooms should have coffered ceiling?

Coffered ceilings are a common design in higher end kitchens, dining and living rooms where the layout is a big, open concept area.

Is a coffered ceiling structural?

Most coffered ceilings in residential homes aren’t load-bearing, meaning they’re not part of a home’s structural system that supports weight. The majority of coffered ceilings are purely decorative, constructed entirely from hollow faux beams.

What’s the difference between tray ceiling and coffered ceiling?

While a coffered ceiling has many recessed areas (usually in the shape of a grid), a tray ceiling features a single raised area that mimics the shape of the room. While coffered ceilings can be made with a variety of materials, including different types of wood, tray ceilings are usually made with plaster and drywall.

Does a coffered ceiling increase home value?

With the ability to demarcate zones within a larger space – such as over a dining area in an open plan living space – a coffered ceiling can not only divide a space visually but conquer by adding value to your home.

What size should coffered ceiling be?

In most instances, many people choose a deep coffered ceiling with a crown of 4 and 5/8 inches, and this is best for ceilings over 8 feet 6 inches in height. Ceilings that are a minimum of 8 feet look better with a medium coffered ceiling with a 3 and 1/2 inch crown.

What is a paneled ceiling called?

4. A coffered ceiling features three-dimensional grooved wood or fiberboard panels that add depth and drama. 5/10. Coffered ceilings originated in ancient Greece, and are now often found in grand public buildings as well as large homes.