How do I use Targus USB presenter?

How do I use Targus USB presenter?

Slide the battery cover back into position until it “clicks” firmly into place. Plug the USB receiver into an open USB port on your computer. Your computer’s operating system will identify the receiver and install the default driver. The receiver and presenter should synch up automatically.

How do I connect a clicker to my laptop?

Connect the clicker to your computer. Take off this receiver and connect it to an available USB port in your computer. Put in any necessary batteries or other requirements for your clicker. Once the receiver connects to your computer, it will automatically install the necessary driver.

Can I use my iPhone as a presentation Remote?

You can play your presentation on iPhone or iPad and remotely control it with another. Turn on Wi-Fi on both devices. Open your Keynote presentation on the device with the presentation. Tap the More button in the toolbar, tap Allow Remote Control, then turn on Enable Remotes.

How do I connect my clicker to my laptop?

Can I use a presenter remote with easyworship?

You can use a presenter remote with EasyWorship 6 & 7. We recommend the SMK-Link VP4450 and VP4910 programmable presenter remotes. If you don’t have a programmable remote, we’ve got you covered. Check out the Using a Presenter Remote article.

How to install presenter?

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  • How does the wireless remote work?

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    What is a wireless remote control?


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