How do I unlock the fiend Cup in Final Fantasy X-2?

How do I unlock the fiend Cup in Final Fantasy X-2?

It is unlocked by beating every other cup, other than the Almighty Shinra Cup, at least once.

How do you beat Tonberry the Ripper?

Another strategy is to use powerful captured fiends that know First Strike and Auto-Haste, along with Black Sky to stunlock the Mega Tonberry while the player’s creatures bombard it with chains of physical attacks. Ultima, Flare, Meteor, and Fireworks are also useful for dishing out massive damage.

How do you get Almighty in Shinra?

He is created as the result of Shinra absorbing the pyreflies of Omega Weapon. When defeated, he can be recruited into the party. The player must release him after completing his storyline to get the Last Resort Garment Grid.

How many times do you fight LeBlanc in FF2?

(Final Fantasy X-2), or Leblanc (boss) Leblanc is fought four times, the first being directly after the opening FMV, where she—in disguise—is joined by two Goons in the Luca Stadium. She is fought again (now without the disguise) after the player defeats Ormi and Logos, when Yuna appears and reclaims her Garment Grid on the Dock 5 of Luca’s port.

Who is the leader of the Leblanc Syndicate in X2?

Leblanc is a sphere hunter and the leader of the Leblanc Syndicate in Final Fantasy X-2. She is the Gullwings ‘ rival for much of the game. Leblanc is playable via the Creature Creator in the International and HD Remaster version. Leblanc has a round face with purple eyes and short, blonde hair.

What is the Creature Creator in FFXII?

—Shinra. Creature Creator, also known as Monster Create, is a special feature from Final Fantasy X-2: International + Last Mission and the HD Remaster. It allows recruiting fiends and characters for the player party.

What are some allusions in Final Fantasy X-2?

Final Fantasy X-2 makes numerous allusions to contemporary pop culture, among other subjects. During the first mission in Chapter 1, when the Gullwings race the Leblanc Syndicate to the top of the Floating Ruins, an animated picture resembling the game’s logo, but with Leblanc, Logos, and Ormi depicted, is shown at the top of the screen.