How do I reset my ECU passphrase?

How do I reset my ECU passphrase?

Passphrase Reset

  1. Power off mobile devices or sign out of ECU mobile apps like Outlook mobile.
  2. Click the Set Passphrase icon and type the new passphrase.
  3. Click the Main menu button and then the Exit button.
  4. Immediately update the passphrase for mobile apps* or sign in, if prompted.

What is your ECU passphrase?

Passphrase: This is your ECU network password that you set for your accounts at ECU when you first activate your PirateID. PirateID accounts are activated through the Pirate ID (PID) auto-registration system (

How do I unlock my ECU account?

You can unlock your account yourself provided you know your login ID. In addition to your Login ID, you will be prompted to answer three challenge questions correctly for the system to allow you to proceed. To reset your password, please visit MyLOGIN and follow the prompts.

How do I change my ECU password?

You can change your password by visiting the MyLOGIN web page. You will need to log out of the Portal and re-login for the password change to take effect across our web applications.

How do I activate my ECU Pirate ID?

To access your Piratemail account via the Web, go to and enter your full email address ([email protected]) and Passphrase. (If you have not already done so, visit the Passphrase Maintenance Portal to activate your Pirate ID.

How do I find my ECU Pirate ID?

Your Pirate ID and ECU/Banner ID are listed in your admissions portal where you completed your application. Pirate ID is your username to access your ECU Email, Pirate Port and Canvas and other systems that require logging in. Your ECU/Banner ID replaces your SSN and identifies you as an ECU student.

How do I activate my ecu Pirate ID?

How do I activate my pirate ID?

Call the Pirate Techs Service Desk at 252-328-9866 | 800-340-7081 for assistance….Activate a New PirateID

  1. Type your PirateID.
  2. Type the CAPTCHA challenge text and click Next.
  3. Type your ECU ID (B00000000) and click Next.
  4. Choose and answer three questions for identification.

How do I activate my ECU email?

How do I get my ECU email?

You access your emails by logging into the Student Portal. Select ‘E-mail’ link from the top section of the portal. Please note that you must be completely logged out of any other ‘Microsoft Live’ account you may have (such as Hotmail) before attempting to log in to your ECU student email account.

How do I access Sonia ECU?

To access Sonia Online:

  1. Select your school listed on the Sonia Online page.
  2. At the top of the Sonia login page, select your designated role.
  3. Click on ‘University Sign in’. This will display the ECU Web Portal Login.
  4. Enter your ECU Username and Password.

What are the requirements for an ECU passphrase?

An ECU passphrase must be at least eight characters and contain 3-4 of the following categories as outlined in the ECU passphrase standard. Users must change (reset) their passphrase every 90 days. Option 1. Self Service Maintenance Portal (recommended) Power off mobile devices or sign out of ECU mobile apps like Outlook mobile.

How do I Reset my passphrase?

Present a completed Passphrase Reset Form along with a valid photo ID (ECU 1 Card, driver’s license or government-issued ID) in person to the nearest Pirate Techs Technology Support Center during business hours. Option 3. Email or Fax the IT Help Desk

What can I do in the passphrase Maintenance Portal?

The passphrase maintenance portal is also where you: Reset your passphrase. This is required every 90 days. Unlock your account. Accounts lock after three unsuccessful login attempts. Reset your security questions. Change your notification email.

Is my pirateid username the same as my ECU ID?

A PirateID username is not the same as the ECU ID, or Banner ID, which is a unique number identifying an employee or student within ECU’s administrative systems. Your Banner ID can be found in your account information within PiratePort, ECU’s secure portal.