How do I replicate from one Synology to another?

How do I replicate from one Synology to another?

Replicate snapshot to a remote Synology NAS over the network

  1. Go to Snapshot Replication > Replication on the source server.
  2. Choose Shared Folder or LUN.
  3. Click Create.
  4. Select Remote and click Next.
  5. Enter the IP address and credentials of the destination Synology NAS, then click Next.

How does Synology snapshot Replication work?

Snapshot Replication leverages the modern Btrfs file system to create point-in-time copies of shared folders and LUNs that can be replicated to other Synology NAS and rapidly restored in case of data loss or accidental modifications to the original data.

What is Synology Replication service?

Replication Service is a core service that offers the ability to replicate taken snapshots from the source to the destination. This package cannot run alone and depends on core packages that offer snapshot features.

How do I sync two NAS drives?

To sync one NAS to another, tap on “Cloud Sync” to enter in sync interface. Select your NAS 1 account as the source, select NAS 2 as the destination, click on “Cloud Sync” button, and the sync process will start.

How do I replicate NAS storage?

Manually Replicate a NAS Volume To replicate a NAS volume: On the source cluster, select , expand , and select the NAS volume that you are replicating. Click Replicate. Click Yes.

How do I mirror Synology NAS to another Synology NAS?


  1. On your local Synology NAS, open Synology Drive ShareSync, enter the IP address (or the QuickConnect ID), username, and password of the remote Synology NAS.
  2. Choose the remote and local shared folders you want to sync, tick the checkbox Enable, and click Done.

How do I use snapshot replication?

Where are snapshots stored Synology?

The folders and files in snapshots can be accessed via file services in #snapshot folders of the shared folder. Select a shared folder of which you wish to make the snapshot visible.

Can Synology NAS be daisy chained?

Yes you can. The additional unit is more of fallback though. If you are looking for more always available storage then get an expansion unit, this can connect 2 to it.