How do I remove red request from open hub destination?

How do I remove red request from open hub destination?

You have to delete the data file in the directory of AL11.

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How do I delete a DSO request?

To delete the request first we have to delete the request from the following tables:

  5. Copy the Error Request number from the manage screen of the DSO and Proivide for “RNR” feild and Execute.

How do you delete a Red request in SAP BW?

After getting output select that request and display so you will see the screen below like this, Then through debug mode change the Y status to RR(This means making request red) and save the record. Check the monitor screen of ADSO request will be marked as red. Then we can delete the request manually.

What is open hub destination?

The open hub destination allows you to distribute data from a BW system to non-SAP data marts, analytical applications, and other applications. It allows you to ensure controlled distribution across several systems.

How do I delete a DTP request in SAP BW?

In order to change the values of data elements “USTATE” and “TSTATE”, pls execute the Function Module: RSBM_GUI_CHANGE_USTATE by inputiing the DTP request number.

How do I get rid of partially activated request DSO?

1) 1) Go to SE16/SE11 and open the table. 2) 2) Provide the request number which needs to be deleted. 3) 3) Select the request and double click on it to access Display screen. 4) 4) Write /h in the command prompt field and press enter.

How do I delete my adso data?

In RSA1 based modeling, regardless of the type of infoprovider, we could right click on the object and delete the data from it. In BWMT, right clicking an ADSO in BW repository tree doesn’t give any such option at all. Even in the manage screen, there is no option to delete the entire data from the ADSO.

How do I get rid of red request in DTP?


  1. Select Request Id from target.
  2. Go to SE37 and execute the function module RSBM_GUI_CHANGE_USTATE.
  3. Enter Request Id here and execute it.
  4. Then change the status of the request to either red/green.
  5. Request will have the status you selected in step 4 and delete the request if turned to red.

How do I change my open hub data?

Data extraction from BW using Open Hub Service

  1. Execute transaction RSA1, Press ‘Open Hub Destination’
  2. Select Info Area and right click to ‘Create Open Hub Destination.
  3. Enter Name and Description of Open hub.
  4. Go to ‘Destination’ tab; enter Destination Type as ‘File type’.
  5. Go to ‘Fields Def.

How do I create an open hub?

Procedure. You can also create open hub destinations from the data flow. To do this, go the BW Object Types in the editing screen for your data flow, select the type Open Hub Destination and drag it to Details. Then open the context menu for this open hub destination and choose Create Persistent BW Object.

How do I stop a DTP request?