How do I register for the SLP Praxis?

How do I register for the SLP Praxis?

Audiology and SLP Praxis exam candidates for the Praxis at Home can register online or by phone at 800-772-9476. Testing will be available between 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time, seven days a week. The Praxis at Home option is currently available and may be extended by ETS as needed.

What Praxis do I take for SLP?

Speech Language Pathology

To Be Certified in You Need to Take Test Code
Speech-Language Pathology Services Credential Speech-Language Pathology 5331

How much is the SLP Praxis?

The Praxis®️ exam for Speech-Language Pathology costs $120. Scoring: The score is reported on a 100-200 point scale, increasing in one point increments.

When should I take the Praxis SLP?

When to Take the Exam It is recommended that individuals register and take the Praxis exam no earlier than the completion of their graduate coursework and graduate clinical practicum or during their first year of clinical practice following graduation.

Is the Praxis exam for SLP hard?

The test is DIFFICULT! There’s not enough time to take the Speech Language Pathology Exam! “I didn’t budget my time well and spent too much time on questions that I thought were in the last 2 minutes of the test, I still had over 40 questions left. . .”

What is a passing score on SLP Praxis?

The SLP Praxis passing score is 162 on a 100-200 point scale.

Do SLPs have to take the Praxis?

The Praxis Speech-Language Pathology (5331) test open_in_new is a national examination commissioned by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) as part of the speech-language pathology certification process. Aspiring speech-language pathologists (SLPs) must pass this test to achieve ASHA certification.

Is the SLP Praxis multiple-choice?

The Praxis tests include two types of questions — multiple-choice (for which you select your answers from a list of choices) and constructed-response (for which you write a response of your own). If not, familiarize yourself with them so you don’t spend time during the test figuring out how to answer them.

Can you take Praxis online?

The Praxis ® tests at home are a safe and convenient option for test takers who live in the United States, its territories* or in Canada. They’re identical to tests taken at a test center, and are taken on your own computer at home or another secure location.

How hard is the Praxis SLP?

It’s hard to answer 132 questions in 150 minutes when “there’s more than one part to consider” and are “worded in a way that allows for a lot of lost time”. Remember that the Praxis exam asks questions about all of your education in assessment and treatment of Speech Language Pathology!

How is the Praxis scored SLP?

Speech-Language Pathology Certification Note: The Praxis Speech-Language Pathology (SLP) test scores are reported on a 100–200 score scale in one-point increments. The test code for the Praxis Speech-Language Pathology test is 5331. The required score for ASHA and the state boards of examiners is 162.