How do I know if my cam follower is bad?

How do I know if my cam follower is bad?

There are a few different signs that could indicate that your vehicle’s cam follower has worn down: Check engine light. Runnability issues. Loud or low-pitched ticking sounds….Fault Codes

  1. A mechanical malfunction with the fuel pressure regulator valve.
  2. Low pressure in the fuel rail.
  3. Malfunction in the fuel measuring system.

What is a cam follower mk5 GTI?

The camshaft follower found in VW and Audi 2.0T FSI engines rides on the camshaft and transfers the motion into the high pressure fuel pump. Regular checkup of your cam follower and replacement can prevent irreversible damage to your fuel pump or camshaft..

How much does it cost to replace a cam follower?

The True Cost of Cam Replacement

Cam Cost Calculator (All fields required)
Find your Costs Example of Input
Man-hours to install cam 60
Cost per man-hour to replace cam $60.00
Cost to replace one cam follower $39.00

How often do you replace cam follower?

Recommended maintenance at 20,000 miles.

What happens when cam follower fails?

The cam follower acts as a barrier between the camshaft lobe and the high-pressure fuel pump. Causes of failure can range from using low-quality motor oil to making improper modifications to the fuel pump. If the cam follower wears all the way, damage to the cam shaft and fuel pump will probably follow.

What is roller follower?

The Roller Follower is a compact and highly rigid bearing system. It contains needle bearings and is used as a guide roller for cam discs and straight motion. Since its outer ring rotates while keeping direct contact with the mating surface, this product is thick- walled and designed to bear an impact load.

How long does a cam follower last?

From what we know most vigilant FSI owners check their cam follower every 10-20k miles, depending on the owner. Fault Codes that could be related to a bad Cam Follower (You should always check the follower first if you have one of these faults DIY below.)

What is a fuel pump cam follower?

The fuel pump cam follower is a specialized roller that follows the cam lobe profile on the fuel stratified injection (FSI) engine. Its coating prevents wear on the camshaft lobe.

What does a HPFP do?

A High-Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) is a mechanical system, driven by a camshaft. The high-pressure fuel pump uses a solenoid to control the volume and pressure within the pump. So, if the solenoid fails, your BMW will go into low-pressure mode to protect itself and to allow you to get it to a BMW specialist for repair.

What is the advantage of roller follower?

Roller follower (b) – The roller follower has the advantage that the sliding motion between cam and follower is largely replaced by a rolling motion.

Why does my Mk5 GTI have a check engine light on?

Our newly acquired MK5 Volkswagen GTI had a check engine light on at the time of purchase. Charles ( HumbleMechanic) Sanville scanned for codes and those that popped were for the high-pressure fuel pump (HPFP). All signs pointed toward the thrust sensor unit connected to the HPFP. Thankfully, this is yet another common issue on the MK5 GTI.

Can You Help Me with my Mk5 GTI?

We’ve already given him some advice on the MK5 GTI forum where he originally posted this. If it has been serviced by a dealer ask for help under “good will”, if it has good service history with them they normally cough up and will help you out.

Did they replace the cam follower?

After acquiring my car with full service history – I quickly checked to see if the Cam Follower had been replaced after reading horror stories about them wearing through and causing damage. I rang the VW specialist in Wimbledon who looked after the car for the previous owner and discovered they never replaced it.