How do I know if an email from PayPal is legit?

How do I know if an email from PayPal is legit?

A genuine email from PayPal would also address you by name and not start with ‘Dear Customer’. Logging into your account direct and not clicking on any link in the email is the safest way to check what is going on (if anything). Don’t reply or open any attachments, and if in doubt contact PayPal to be 100% sure.

Are there PayPal scams going around?

Numerous PayPal scams exist, but there are several that you’re more likely to run into. PayPal scammers are improving their methods all the time, so that it becomes increasingly difficult to tell that a fake PayPal email, link, or site is, in fact, fake.

Do PayPal send emails about suspicious?

Phishing and spoof emails aim to obtain your secure information, passwords, or account numbers. These emails use deceptive means to try and trick you, like forging the sender’s address. If you receive a suspicious email, FORWARD it to [email protected] Our security experts can take a look to determine if it’s a fake.

Does PayPal send emails about your account?

Emails from PayPal will address you by your name, or business name. Scam emails will start with something like ‘Dear customer’ or ‘Dear (email address)’.

Is PayPal PayPal email legit?

An Email from PayPal will always come from, as you can see in the example above, it’s easy to fake the friendly name, but the full address can’t be spoofed. So regardless of what the friendly name may say, always check the address that the email was sent from.

What is the email for PayPal customer service?

To request a refund, please contact our Customer Service department at xxx-xxx-xxxx or [email protected]

Why did I get a security code from PayPal?

If you did not initiate the PayPal login, and are not expecting any authentication SMS, then it means that someone entered the wrong number when trying to login or reset a PayPal account and they keyed your number by mistake.

What is PayPal email example?

Paypal uses these email formats.

Paypal’s Email Format
(firstname) [email protected]
(firstname).(lastname) [email protected]
(f)(lastname) [email protected]
(firstname)(lastname) [email protected]

How do I speak to a PayPal agent?


  1. US/Canada: 888-883-9770. Hours of operation: Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. Central time.
  2. United Kingdom: 08707 301 881. Hours of operation: Monday – Sunday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Irish Standard Time.
  3. Australia: 1800 054 378.

How do I complain to PayPal?

Your first step when you have a complaint against any company should be to try to resolve the complaint with customer service….Step 1: Reach Out to PayPal Customer Service

  1. Via their Help Center.
  2. By sending them a message through your PayPal account.
  3. By phone at 1 (888) 221-1161.

Why do I keep getting verification codes I didn’t request?

This often happens if another user mistyped your number when trying to enter their own number to register, and can also happen when someone attempts to take over your account. If someone is trying to take over your account, they need the SMS verification code sent to your phone number to do so.

What is the security code for PayPal?

To ensure that your customers see a consistent name, PayPal recommends using the term “card security code”. On most cards, the card security code appears on the back of the card (usually in the signature field). All or part of the card number appears before the card security code.